CandyKisses:  Kurdistan Regional Government announces Eid al-Fitr holiday

Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq announced, on Tuesday, the suspension of official working hours in government departments and institutions from April 20 until the 24th of the same month on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.

“On the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, official working hours will be suspended from Thursday, April 20 until Monday, 24 of the same month,” the Department of Information and Information said in a statement to Shafaq News. PlayUnmute

He added that “official working hours will resume in all government departments and institutions on Tuesday, April 25.”

Tishwash:  Parliament directs its committees to host ministers and officials for this reason

The Presidency of the House of Representatives informed all parliamentary committees to host ministers, officials and members of the Central Bank Board of Directors, in coordination with the supporting parliamentary and governmental committees, and taking into account the observations of representatives on the general budget.  link


Tishwash:  The House of Representatives ends the budget discussion and hosts the ministers and the central governor {expanded}

The House of Representatives ended, on Monday evening, its twentieth session, headed by Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, discussing the draft federal budget law for the fiscal years 2023-2024-2025.

The interventions of the deputies during the session, which was presided over by the First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, regarding the draft law, included fixing the contracts of harbingers of peace for the permanent staff, and the inclusion of graduates of medical and health departments in the Kurdistan region in appointments, just like their peers in the rest of the provinces, in addition to giving importance to centers Treating cancerous diseases by increasing the financial allocations in the federal budget, and compensating the farmers of the governorates of Maysan and Najaf who were affected by floods and torrential rains in previous seasons, in addition to demanding increased financial allocations for the liberated governorates and paying attention to the youth in those areas, and finding appropriate solutions to the housing crisis.

The members of the Council also focused on the need to pay attention to the areas that were subjected to genocide during the rule of the former regime, by allocating sums of money to advance their reality, increasing financial allocations for the institutions of prisoners and martyrs to cover their needs, and increasing allocations for those affected by terrorist operations, as well as calling for a review of the issue of increasing taxes. On fuel, and an emphasis on the rehabilitation of the Baiji refinery.

The members of the Council stressed the need to support the farmers and peasants, and to address the situation of the remaining sons of the Awakening Movement who have not been transferred to permanent staffing, and to provide the necessary allocations for the return of the displaced and end their suffering, and to increase financial allocations for the development of the regions, and to transfer holders of diplomas in the Ministries of Defense and Interior to civilian staffing, and reinstatement Considering the financial allocations for the Sunni and Shiite endowments and equating them, as well as increasing the allocations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives praised the efforts of the Finance Committee in preparing the report on the draft budget law, calling for hosting ministers, officials and the Central Bank, in coordination with the supporting committees and taking into account the observations of the representatives.

On the other hand, Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi directed to host the Minister of Interior after the blessed Eid al-Fitr holiday and to ask a verbal question about the ministry’s procedures regarding insulting the House of Representatives.

After that, it was decided to adjourn the session without setting a date for it. link


Tishwash :  Iraq wants to become a pole in the global gas market

Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani discussed, during his meeting with the Parliamentary Committee on Oil, Gas and Natural Resources, the government’s plans to develop the oil industry.

Al-Sudani’s media office said in a statement, “The Prime Minister received the chairman and members of the Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee in the House of Representatives, as part of a series of meetings he holds with parliamentary committees in various sectors, with the aim of coordinating between the executive and legislative authorities, which contributes to the success of the work.” government towards achieving the objectives of its government program and implementing its priorities.

He added, “The meeting witnessed an emphasis on developing the oil industry and regulating the export process, especially after the temporary agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq regarding the export of oil from the northern fields, which is considered a ground for approving the federal oil and gas law.”

During the meeting, Al-Sudani referred to “the government’s interest in the energy file, and its plans to develop the oil industry, which have witnessed implementation on the ground through the investment of associated gas and the endeavor to enter Iraq into the global gas markets, as well as investment in the petrochemical industry, which will play an influential role in the future of the country’s economy.” As well as developing the oil extraction and production sectors,

stressing “the continuous work to find promising investment opportunities in the oil sector, in a way that contributes to the development of revenues and the realization of the interests of the country.”   link

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