CandyKisses:  ImF prepares budget bill based on new USD exchange rate against IQD

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Ministry of finance started preparing the new budget bill based on the new U.S. dollar exchange rate against the Dinar, which is 130,000 IQD for every 100 USD, a source revealed to Shafaq News agency.

The source added that the process will need several days, and will be submitted to the council of ministers next week.

Iraq’s Central Bank (CBI) announced proceeding with selling US dollars at a new exchange rate of 1,320 dinars to one starting from today, Wednesday, an official statement said.

Tishwash:  Iraqi Foreign Ministry: The delegation’s visit to Washington will discuss two basic economic files

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today, Wednesday, that the Iraqi delegation, which will visit Washington, will discuss two basic economic files.

“The delegation will hold its dialogues with the American side in Washington, which will focus on supporting Iraq’s monetary policy and exchanging financial and banking support with the aim of strengthening the Iraqi government’s vision of its measures regarding the exchange rate of the dollar,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Sahhaf, to the official news agency, followed by Mawazine News. Pointing out that “the government’s qualitative steps to perpetuate the identity of the new monetary policy, and the dialogue with the United States is looking out for the Iraqi national interest.”

He stated that “the dedication of economic diplomacy puts us on a path that is more reliable and balanced in our foreign relations, and we feel international welcome and support for the policies of the Iraqi government,” noting that “the diplomacy of the national response depends on the government program, and we voted for the pulse of the Iraqi street with Iraq’s partners and friends.”  link



Frank26  The education to the citizens is becoming a  little bit more in-depth.  They have to know the next step is the float.  IMO that’s what the CBI meetings [In Washington/US Treasury] were doing – preparing the United States for the Iraqi dinar to float.

Pimpy  The Iraq dinar exchange rate has changed.  It went from 1450 dinars for every dollar to 1300 dinars for every dollar.  You’re looking at about a 9.6% increase in value…Looking very good.  There is baby step one…just like I said, they’re gonna go up in increments – small amounts a little at a time.



Greg Mannarino:  2-8-2023

Cyber Threats, Economic Uncertainty & Gold Mining

Lynette Zang:  2-8-2023

There are many ways that wars can be waged, but I think that the most dangerous are the wars that you can’t see. What we know is that the world has been moving from crisis to crisis to crisis to keep everybody off balance.

We’re going to look at some different wars that are happening right now and we’re going to talk about how that could endanger your future and what you can do about it.


0:00 From Crisis to Crisis

1:43 World Uncertainty & China

5:20 Cyberattacks

12:25 Gold Mining

15:31 Start Your Strategy