CandyKisses:  UAE invites Sudanese to participate in global summit in Dubai

Baghdad – Iraq today:

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani received an official invitation to attend the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai.

A statement by his office said that “Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani received an official invitation from the Ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, delivered to him by the UAE Chargé d’Affaires in Baghdad, to attend the (World Climate Action Summit), which represents the official launch of the UAE Climate Conference, for the period from 1 to 2 December 2023.”

“During the meeting, they discussed the relations between Iraq and the UAE, and ways to upgrade and develop them, especially the economic and investment aspect, for which the government has placed a wide space in its government curriculum,” the statement added.

“The conference, which is a global platform to discuss climate issues, aims to support the process of climate negotiations between the countries of the world, in order to find effective and equitable solutions, and unify efforts to reduce the effects of climate change and promote sustainable economic development,” he added.


Tishwash:  Financial inclusion activities will start on Tuesday with the participation of governmental and private banks

The banking sector begins to participate in the activities of financial inclusion, which is scheduled to start next Tuesday under the auspices of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Private Banks, and with the participation of governmental and private banks.

Banks are reviewing banking services to customers, the use of electronic payment tools, POS devices, and the culture of electronic payment, which the government seeks to generalize the experience to all private and public sector institutions, and to open savings and current bank accounts.

The locations where the financial inclusion activities will be held have been identified.. To view them, click here


CandyKisses:  More than 154 million for foreign transfers: Central Bank of Iraq sales approached $ 200 million

The correspondent of Shafaq News Agency stated that “the Central Bank sold today during its auction for the sale and purchase of US dollars, 187 million, 235 thousand and 328 dollars, covered by the bank at a base exchange rate of 1305 dinars per dollar for documentary credits and international settlements for electronic cards and at a price of 1310 dinars per dollar for foreign transfers and at a price of 1310 dinars per dollar in cash.

Our correspondent added that most of the sales of the dollar went to strengthen balances abroad in the form of (transfers, credits) by 154 million, 835 thousand and 328 dollars, while the rest of 32 million and 400 thousand dollars went in the form of cash sales.

Our correspondent pointed out that the banks that bought the cash dollar amounted to 8 banks, while the number of banks that met the requests to enhance balances abroad reached 16 banks, while the total number of exchange and brokerage companies participating in the auction was 59 companies.


Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance details budget allocations: the numbers will change

The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the budget allocations, while setting a date for its approval in Parliament.

Committee member Mueen Al-Kadhimi said during a televised dialogue followed by the obelisk, that the Finance Committee has started continuous meetings and hosted the Ministry of Planning to discuss the budget, indicating that supporting investment in the budget is a priority for Parliament, as the amounts allocated for investment in the budget amount to 49 trillion dinars.

He added that some numbers will change in the budget, as 1.6 trillion dinars were allocated to complete the port of Faw, while 10 trillion dinars were allocated to the Ministry of Health, and 14 trillion dinars to the Ministry of Interior, while the budget of the popular crowd amounted to 3.7 trillion dinars.

He added that the budget of the Ministry of Education will amount to more than 11 trillion dinars.

He stressed that Parliament will approve the budget during the next month, calling on the provinces to prepare their projects in preparation for approving the budget.

He concluded his speech by saying that the budget deficit will bear great burdens in the future, indicating that there is great cooperation to pass the budget.  link


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