Tishwash:  Head of Parliamentary Finance: We have come a long way in revising the budget law

The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Atwan Al-Atwani, confirmed, on Thursday, the seriousness in completing the requirements for completing the 2023 budget.

Al-Atwani said in a statement, “The political consensus to expedite the approval of the budget confirms the seriousness in completing the requirements for its completion.”

He added, “We have come a long way in scrutinizing and reviewing the draft budget law.”

The head of the committee stressed that “we are working with all force to complete the draft law and submit it to the House of Representatives according to the date set by the State Administration Coalition.”  link

CandyKisses:  The International Monetary Fund announced on Thursday that Iraq imported goods and services worth $ 105 billion during the year 2022.

The Fund stated in a table seen by Shafaq News Agency that “Iraq imported goods and services in 2022 worth $ 105.4 billion,” noting that “these revenues increased from 2020 and 2021, which amounted to $ 60 and $ 72.8 billion, respectively.”

The IMF expected that “the value of imports in Iraq for goods and services will remain the same for the year 2023, while it will rise for the year 2024 to reach $ 123.8 billion.”

He pointed out that “Iraq came third among the oil-producing Arab countries with the highest value of imports of goods and services after the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which amounted to the last two imports for the year 2022 worth $ 303.1 billion and $ 252.7 billion, respectively, while Bahrain was the least oil-producing Arab country importing goods and services with a value of $ 31.6 billion for 2022.”


Tishwash:  The Iranian toman is falling to an all-time low against the dollar

Today, Thursday, the Iranian currency, the Toman, recorded unprecedented low levels against the dollar.

As 100 US dollars have traded more than 5 million Iranian tomans since this morning, reaching 5 million and 250 thousand tomans.

Iran has been witnessing popular protests and Western economic pressures for some time, the latest of which was the German Ministry of Economy’s suspension of export credit guarantees and trade investment with Iran, as part of global support for the revolutionary uprising of the Iranian people.  ink


CandyKisses:  Iraqi expert on dollar rise again: Mechanism must be found to finance trade with Iran

Baghdad – Nas

Nabil Al-Marsoumi, professor of economics at the University of Basra, spoke on Thursday about the electronic platform 7 months after its adoption.      

“After 11 months of implementing the electronic platform, after all that has been said about the great progress in complying with the rules of this platform, after the billions of dollars sold by the Central Bank monthly through the window, and after dozens of promises made by advisers, politicians and experts that the parallel price will embrace the parallel price, the dollar has been flying high without caring what others say,” the decree said in a post followed by “NAS” (May 2023, 7).

“The dollar will remain like this until we find a suitable mechanism in agreement with the Americans to finance trade with Iran, otherwise it is just empty chatter, useless theories on satellite channels and miserable publications of the tasha are nothing but !!!,” he said.  

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