Tishwash:  Iran and Indonesia cancel the dollar in bilateral trade

Tehran and Jakarta decided, during the visit of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to Indonesia, to strengthen trade and economic relations, raise the level of trade and trade exchange in national currencies, cancel the dollar, as well as conclude 11 cooperation agreements in various economic fields, including the preferential trade agreement.

Today, Tuesday, in a press conference with his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo, the Iranian president said that the two countries have decided to trade bilaterally in their national currencies, noting that they seek to raise the volume of trade between the two countries to $20 billion.

Noting that the volume of trade exchanges between Iran and Indonesia reached $257.2 million last year.

However, in this visit, which is the first for an Iranian president to Indonesia in 17 years, the Iranian government seeks to enhance trade with East Asia, especially Indonesia, a developing country that has recorded economic growth of 5% annually over the past two decades.

Raisi added in his press conference that the officials of the two countries signed today multiple documents and agreements for cooperation in various fields, noting that they indicate the determination and will of the two countries to expand relations.

He continued, “Iran, despite the pressures and sanctions, has made great strides thanks to young specialists to develop science, technology and economic development,” stressing that “sanctions and threats will never stop Iran.” link


CandyKisses:  Iraq ranks 33rd among the largest holders of US Treasuries

Baghdad – NAS

The US Treasury Department said on Monday that Iraq fell three ranks among the largest foreign holders of US bonds.    

The Treasury said in the latest table: “Iraq fell three ranks after reducing its holdings of bonds during the month of March to reach 33rd place among the largest holders of US Treasury bonds of the 38 countries listed in the table for countries that should hold more than $ 33 billion.”  

She added that “Iraq’s holdings of these bonds amounted to $ 39.3 billion for the month of March, down by 3.44% from last February, which amounted to Iraq’s possession of bonds of $ 40.7 billion, but it increased by 50% from March 2022.”

She pointed out that “Iraq came the fourth largest Arab country after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait, while Japan came at the top of the countries with the largest holdings of these bonds with one trillion and 87 billion dollars, followed by China second with 869 billion dollars, the United Kingdom third with 714 billion dollars, Belgium fourth with 336 billion dollars, and Luxembourg fifth with 328 billion dollars.”

She pointed out that “the total bonds of the countries of the world for the month of March rose by $ 230 billion from last February to reach $ 7 trillion and $ 573 billion.”



Militia Man  Let’s go back to Thursday.  The Central Bank disabled electronic payment cards.  We find that to be very interesting because we haven’t seen them do that before…we haven’t seen them come fully live yet…They said “maybe” in 2 days so in other words it could be a little longer…

Frank26  [Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:  They just told us on television that the parallel market rate has been matched.  They are telling us this over and over again.  The parallel market rate has been matched.  FRANK:  It could possibly be a 1 to 1 rate or a 1 to 1.5 rate.  Let’s see what they come up with.  They may also be talking about matching the street rate.  Either way it is an extremely positive move in the right direction…

Vivek Ramaswamy: As President, I’d back the dollar by a basket of commodities including gold

Kitco News:  5-23-2023

Vivek Ramaswamy, Republic Presidential primary candidate for 2024, and Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, discuss Ramaswamy’s economic platform, including his plan to back the U.S. dollar by a ‘basket of commodities,’ including gold, as well as his intent to enact a single mandate for the Federal Reserve.

Ramaswamy notes that Bitcoin is a way to ‘opt out’ of inflation and currency devaluation, and claims that its competition with the dollar will strengthen the latter.

0:00 – Federal Reserve

2:12 – U.S. dollar

6:14 – De-dollarization

9:15 – Bitcoin

16:39 – American values