Tishwash:  Sale of precious gifts in flower shops in Kurdistan on Valentine’s Day

Adornment and flower shops in the governorates of Erbil and Sulaymaniyah revealed that they sold precious bouquets, the price of which is about $6,500, wrapped in ornaments and jewels, the value of which amounts to about $50,000.

According to the filmed reports in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, which were followed by “NAS” (February 14, 2023), adornment and gift shops monitored remarkable cases presented by husbands and men to their wives and sweethearts, including putting title deeds for homes and lands inside precious bouquets and roses, the value of which amounts to more than $50,000. Erbil today.

Shops in Sulaymaniyah stated that they sold bouquets of roses worth 6,500 dollars, and the buyer placed a gold band in them, valued at 45,000 dollars, on the occasion of “Valentine’s Day.”

And the fourteenth of February is an annual occasion in which loved ones and friends exchange bouquets of red roses and pink greeting cards, so that this day is an unofficial feast in which feelings of love flow in different ways.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are unknown, but the celebration of February 14 dates back to ancient times. It was named after a number of different saints whose names were all “Valentine”. Over time, this day has become an annual tradition that varies from country to country.   link


CandyKissses:  Gold prices rise as dollar falls

Economy News _ Baghdad

Gold prices rose on Tuesday, with the dollar falling ahead of inflation data.

By 04:15 GMT, spot gold was up 2.5 percent at $1855,59.0 an ounce, and U.S. gold futures were up 29.1867 percent at $59,<>.<>.

The dollar remained lower ahead of U.S. inflation data after losing 0.3% against its key peers in the previous session.

Two-year Treasury yields also retreated from three-month highs to hover at 4.51%, compared to the previous close of 4.53%.

Among other precious metals, spot silver rose 0.108 percent to $21.96 an ounce, platinum fell 0.08 percent to $959.60 and palladium rose 0.05 percent to $1550,78.<>.


Tishwash:  Parliamentary Finance: Budget funds will exceed 200 trillion dinars

Member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Representative Faisal Al-Naili, revealed, on Tuesday, the size of the amounts allocated within the 2023 budget, indicating that the size of the budget exceeds 200 trillion dinars.

Al-Naeli said, in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “the general budget for the year 2023 was prepared according to the new exchange rate of 130 thousand dinars for every 100 dollars.”

He added, “In the coming days, the preparation of the budget will be completed and sent to the House of Representatives,” pointing out that “determining the price of a barrel of oil in approving the 2023 budget at about $70.”

Stressing that “the size of the 2023 budget may reach 200 trillion Iraqi dinars,

The Al-Fatah Alliance had attributed the delay in sending the budget law to the House of Representatives to the differences between the Kurdish poles, while it was likely that the approval of the budget would be postponed until next month.    link


Tishwash:  Parliamentary wealth: All roads are open to passing the oil law in parliament

A member of the Oil, Gas and Natural Resources Committee, Kazem Al-Tooki, revealed that there are parliamentary efforts to pass the oil and gas law soon, indicating that all roads are clear towards passing the law.

Al-Touki said in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “the political situation that the country is going through is ready to accelerate the oil and gas law and all controversial laws.”

He added that “the legislation of the law will serve the oil-producing provinces,” noting that “the legislation of the law is among the priorities of the government program and the political agreement within the State Administration Coalition.”

Stressing that “the legislation of the law during the current session will be a radical solution to the dispute over oil wealth,” and added that “there are efforts to pass the law in the dome of Parliament.”

The Al-Fatah Parliamentary bloc had suggested, earlier, that the oil and gas law be approved during the current session due to the presence of the political will of all forces, including the Kurdish forces, stressing that the recent meeting of the state administration forces seriously discussed the issue in order to approve it in the current session    link

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