Tishwash:  BRICS is considering the accession of Iran and Saudi Arabia

The BRICS group announced today, Wednesday, its readiness to decide at its conference this year on the membership of new countries wishing to join the group, which includes Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa.

agency statedbloomberg”South Africa’s representative to the group, Anil Soklal, confirmed that Saudi Arabia and Iran are among the countries that formally requested to join the group.

“bloombergHe pointed out that “expansion of the group may come in favorChinawhich seeks to strengthen its positions in the United Nations, andInternational Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and other international institutions,” and pointed out that “ChinaI started talking last year about expanding the group.”

he agency noted that “China’s gross domestic product is more than double the total output of the remaining BRICS members.”

Anil Soklal said, “The proposal to expand the” BRICS “will be one of the main points of the economic bloc this year under South Africa’s presidency of the group.”

He added, “More than 12 countries have knocked on the door of the group. We are in very advanced stages in looking at the membership of another group of countries.”

The report stated that “the potential changes of the BRICS group come at a time when European and North American countries seek to strengthen alliances, form new blocs, and sign trade and security agreements.”

While BRICS countries account for 42 percent of the world’s population, their members have less than 15 percent of the voting rights in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund for example. stated “bloomberg that the members of the group founded New Development Bank, to match International Monetary Fund And the World Bank, and later Bangladesh and the UAE joined this bank, and it is expected to join Egypt And Uruguay soon.”

And the agency indicated that “other countries that have expressed interest in joining the BRICS group are Argentina, the UAE, Algeria, and Egypt, Bahrain, and Indonesia, along with two countries from East Africa and one country from West Africa.

The establishment of BRICS was announced in 2006 by the first four BRIC countries, during a summit of foreign ministers .Brazil And Russia And India And China New York City in September 2006 on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

Member states link banking and monetary agreements to exchange currencies and increase trade in local currencies to reduce dependence on the dollar.   link


Nicola Sturgeon quits to let new leader build case for Scottish independence

Alistair Smout and Muvija M Wed, February 15, 2023

LONDON (Reuters) -Nicola Sturgeon resigned as Scottish first minister on Wednesday, saying her dominance over her party and the country was no longer the asset it once was in the fight for an independent Scotland.

In power since 2014, she said she had become too divisive – and too tired – to reach across the political divide, and she wanted to step away from the “brutality” of modern politics to focus on “Nicola Sturgeon the person”.



Militia Man   One of the things investors in the world need to come into Iraq…they need to have freedom of capital movement.  They must have been assured in the Washington, Baghdad, Istanbul and the meetings that we saw with the IMF and AMF in the last 24 to 48 hours are all coming about telling us that they’re going to be going international…

Frank26   Article:   “Al-Sudani directs a process of re-evaluation of all departments and support for investors“.   NOTICE THE THEME OF THE ARTICLES THIS WEEK… IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SECOND PACKAGE… FOR THE ECONOMIC REFORM!



Clare:  Central Bank Governor: We are determined to stabilize the exchange rate


The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, confirmed today, Wednesday, that the platform was found to protect the banking sector, while indicating the central bank’s determination to stabilize the exchange rate of the dollar.

Al-Alaq told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the new electronic platform is to avoid any penalties imposed on the parties that carry out transfer operations, whether they are banks or others. It is a protection for the banking sector, the central bank and banks from falling into any forms related to external financial transfers, and this serves all parties.” “.

On the exchange rate of the dollar, Al-Alaq explained, “The responsibility of the central bank is to close the difference in the exchange rate, and our steps are serious and vigorous, and we receive great support from all parties to achieve the goal.”

He added, “Our discussions with the International Monetary Fund were very fruitful, and we agreed on programs that serve properly directly or indirectly to achieve this goal.  LINK

Sheila:  This is so awesome that Al-Alaq is back as the Govenor of the Central Bank (this is so God ), knowing Al-Alaq has his signature on the lower denomination, or the small category notes of the Iraqi dinar.  IMO if you had your signature on currency wouldn’t you want it to go international.  It will go down in history.


Henig:  What is Iraq’s position? Law: America controls financial movement through SWIFT

State of Law Coalition MP Thaer al-Jubouri said on Wednesday that America will not allow Iraq to exit the Federal Bank of its own free will, while stressing that Washington is in control of the Fed’s financial transactions.

Al-Jubouri said in a press interview seen by “Taqadum” that “America will not allow Iraq to exit the Federal Bank,” noting that “America has developed policies and paragraphs to serve their own interest at the expense of all countries included in the Federal Bank.”

He continued, “Washington controls the global financial movement through the electronic SWIFT system, and Iraq will not be able to get out of this system at the present time,” pointing out that “the latter imposes the passage of the dollar in the Federal Bank before it reaches Iraq as a result of the sale of oil.”     LINK

Henig:   IMO: Sounds to me like a plea to get out of the SWIFT system. Also sounds like they’re floating a trial balloon to see how this idea is received.


Greg Mannarino:  2-15-2023

ALERT! More COMEX Silver Conspiracies to Hide Silver Price Suppression!

(Bix Weir)  2-15-2023

Our government has turned into a rogue silver manipulator!

The latest in their long string of cover-ups is a “computer glitch” that has lasted 2 weeks such that NOBODY is allowed to know WHO is Trading WHAT on the widely followed Commitment of Traders report!