Tishwash:  Finance Minister: We are determined to proceed with a package of fundamental reforms

Today, Sunday, Finance Minister Taif Sami announced the proceeding with a package of fundamental reforms, while confirming the continuation of bilateral coordination with the World Bank. 

A statement by the ministry, which was received by (Baghdad Today), stated that “Sami received the Director of the World Bank’s office in Iraq, Richard Abdel Nour, and the Director of the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, John Christophe.”

The statement added that “the meeting witnessed a discussion of ways to consolidate joint cooperation between Iraq and the World Bank, and an emphasis on the continuation of bilateral coordination in the field of cooperation to promote sustainable development in the sectors of finance, economy and investment, in accordance with the vision of the Iraqi government aimed at benefiting from all forms of international support necessary to assign projects.” development in Iraq.

Sami appreciated, according to the statement, “the role played by the World Bank in supporting the government’s reform directions,” indicating that she is “determined to proceed with a package of fundamental reforms in order to provide the requirements for a balanced economic renaissance in the country by diversifying sources of income and involving the private sector in all economic activity.” And opening new horizons of promising development opportunities in Iraq.

For his part, the representative of the World Bank expressed, according to the statement, “their support for the efforts of the Iraqi government in the package of reforms that it is working to achieve, despite the global economic challenges,” praising the “trends to achieve regional economic integration in partnership with the rest of the region’s countries in a way that serves to strengthen the pillars of the national economy and its prosperity.”   link


CandyKisses:  Semi-final agreement” to give Kurdistan a 14% share of the budget

Economy News – Baghdad

Kurdistan Democratic Party MP Jay Taimur revealed that the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government have reached a “semi-final agreement” to adopt 14% as a share for the region in the 2023 budget.

“Negotiations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government on the 2023 budget have made important strides and currently need to be finalized and things are coming to an end,” Timur said.

He added, “A semi-final agreement between the two parties stipulated the adoption of 14% of the budget for the Kurdistan region according to the statistics of the Ministry of Planning and the ration card of the Ministry of Commerce, which is the closest to final approval.”

He continued, “The region demanded 17% and the federal government set 12.67% before agreeing on 14% to proceed with the budget project,” adding that “the two parties have an opportunity to end all outstanding files that govern the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil and the atmosphere is positive between the two parties.”

Timur predicted that “the 2023 budget from the government will reach parliament soon,” stressing “the vote on it and legislate it in a month after its arrival.”


Tishwash:  Parliamentary dissatisfaction with the delay in the arrival of the budget to Parliament

On Sunday, a member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Abdul Karim Abtan, expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the government’s delay in sending the federal budget law to the House of Representatives for approval, stressing that the delay had negative effects on the interests of citizens.

Abtan said in an interview with Al-Maalouma Agency, “The budget law concerns all segments of society, especially the vulnerable and poor classes, who are awaiting financial support through its approval.”

He added, “The government should have adhered to the legal contexts and hastened to send the budget law to the House of Representatives.” He pointed out that “the government bears the responsibility for delaying the approval of the budget until the present time. .

And the representative of the Al-Fatah Alliance, Suhaila Al-Sultani, confirmed earlier that there are obstacles to completing the budget and sending it to the House of Representatives, pointing out that the outstanding files with the region represent the most prominent of these obstacles to the completion of the budget by the government. link


Tishwash:  Iraq: We have no American requirements regarding the issue of the dollar, and we will not allow the collapse of the dinar

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, said that there are no conditions imposed on Iraq by America regarding the issue of the dollar, “and we will not accept conditions from anyone.”

And Al-Sudani added – in an interview with Al-Arabiya news channel on Saturday – “We discussed with Washington the economic situation, and we said that we want to adhere to transfer operations in accordance with the international system.”

He pointed out that reducing the price of the dollar was on the table, noting that the Iraqi financial situation is in the best conditions now, and we will not allow the collapse of the dinar.

He explained that the total balance of the currency in the country exceeded 100 billion dollars, and there is an economic situation that is the best in the history of Iraq in terms of revenues and balance.

And he believed that dollar speculation and smuggling is present in all countries of the world, and there are countries and traders who benefit from this process, indicating that the Kurdistan Regional Government is showing support in limiting the dollar smuggling process.

Regarding Iraq’s fears about the future of water, Al-Sudani said that the low water levels result from the scarcity of rain, indicating that drought is not only in Iraq, but in all countries of the region, noting that the Iraqi neighboring countries have resorted to water policies “contrary to the binding agreements between the riparian countries.” We are trying to secure water for farmers and keep drinking water.”

On the Iraqi-Saudi relations, Al-Sudani said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a pivotal country and a strategic partner for Iraq, adding, “There was a meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince in Riyadh on the sidelines of the Arab-Chinese summit, and we agreed on a three-year agenda that begins with visits, meetings and activation of partnerships, and we also signed a memorandum Security understanding with Saudi Arabia, the first in 40 years.

He pointed out that the Iraqi government adopts preserving the leading role of Iraq in the region.

He pointed out that the interests of Arab countries require understanding and interaction in economic projects and partnerships, and there are elements of strength in each country, saying: “In the event of integration between these countries, it will add more strength and stability to all of us.”   link

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