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Friday night update for August 2, 2019

US Banks have been in meetings throughout the day, interest and excitement is at an all-time “high”

New rates are showing….

Dinar – $3.91
Dong – $2.27
Rial – $ (unbelievably high at this time)
Rupiah – $1.08
Afghani – $2.39 (No change from since forever)
Zim – .11 up to .35

They say the rates are very “subject-to-change” and to make your appointment in a timely manner.

The Iraqi banks open at 1:00 AM, Eastern, rate changes are expected, but not guaranteed.



ShawnieB:  CHAIR FLYING~ Sit in a comfy spot and you will take deep relaxing breaths then visualize your alert that the RV has happened and the numbers are out.

Then any other scenario of us receiving our instructions. Picture where you might be, and even who you might be with.

This is you writing your own script so you don’t think later, “Man I wish I had….” reacted differently or not done that

#2 Then you will visualize yourself dialing the number and all that you will calmly say to the rep on the phone, or go to the bank, the drive etc. All of it like it is a little movie with multiple plot variations

#3 You will picture yourself in front of the teller or bank rep for you appt. Everything you brain can paint…the office, what you are wearing, and you will run thru all the scenarios of negotiating.

You ask for this…they respond “NO, we cannot do that” Then you calmly say, “Then this….” or the reason that you feel it is fair that they offer you the first. etc.

Every detail that Ray and Tony or your situation dictates

#4 I want all fo you to even visualize what you will do and feel when you walk out of the bank and all the adrenaline really hits. Picture where/what you will do to quietly celebrate.

And then do more Chair flying when you get home, based on the outcome of your day and the next steps. It works! It really really works to the point of you will feel ike a Deja Vu or like you were on Intelligent Auto Pilot!

Even a single round/flight couldn’t hurt but you can even chair fly with your eyes open while you drive or shower. it is a mental movie.