CandyKisses:  Iraqi governorates disrupt work on the occasion of the fall of Saddam’s regime

Shafaq News / Three Iraqi provinces, in addition to the Kurdistan Region, decided to suspend work on the occasion of the fall of the former regime led by the late President Saddam Hussein at the hands of US forces and their allies in the spring of 2003.

The governorates that decided to disrupt working hours are: Dhi Qar, Maysan and Babylon, in addition to the provinces of the region.

The Kurdistan Regional Government announced the suspension of official working hours in all government institutions and departments tomorrow, Sunday, on the occasion of the liberation of Iraq.

CandyKisses:  On the occasion of Eid.. Stopping the withholding of employee advances for this month

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani directed to stop deducting the advances of employees for this month on the occasion of the arrival of Eid al-Fitr.

This came in an official book, obtained by Shafaq News Agency, signed by the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ihsan Yassin Al-Awadi Agency and addressed to the Central Bank of Iraq, entitled “Stop Deduction.”

The book stated that based on the directive of the Prime Minister to take the necessary measures regarding the directive of government and private banks to stop deducting the advances of employees for this month only on the occasion of the arrival of Eid al-Fitr.


Tishwash:  Nechirvan Barzani meets in Baghdad with the four presidencies

The President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, is scheduled to visit today, Saturday, the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

A source from within the region’s presidency told Shafaq News agency, “The president of the region will participate in the ceremonies commemorating the martyrdom of Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim and the 42nd anniversary ceremonies of the founding of the Badr Organization.”

He added that “Barzani, during his visit, will hold meetings with the four presidencies (the republic, the federal government, the parliament and the supreme judiciary) to discuss the current situation in Iraq.”  link


Tishwash:  Al-Amiri: We need to create a suitable environment for foreign investment

The head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri stressed today, Saturday, the necessity of fighting corruption according to a well-studied scientific plan, while pointing out that Iraq needs to create a suitable environment for foreign investment.

Al-Amiri said, during the celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the founding ofBadr Organization, I followed herAlsumaria News, that “Badr OrganizationIt had a role in overthrowing the defunct regime,” stressing that “the fatwa of the competent jihad has been preservedIraqfrom the terrorist threat, and thanks to her we achieved victory.”

He added: “We must not allow a return to the past, and we will not allow a return to the crimes committed by the exterminated regime,” stressing “the need to address the mistakes and expose the Iraqi people and listen to them away from media misinformation.”

And he stressed “the need to fight corruption that has permeated state institutions according to a well-studied scientific plan away from media drumming,” stressing that “fighting corruption is one of the important chapters of reconciliation with the public andto openHe continued

: “We need a package of measures to address the various investment obstacles, and the large port of Faw must be completed because of its economic importance to Iraq,” stressing “the need to strengthen the state’s non-oil resources by paying attention to industry, agriculture and the oil sector.

” By saying: “We need to create a suitable environment for foreign investment, and the Social Security Law must be legislated.”

Regarding the Zionist entity’s attacks on the Palestinian people, Al-Amiri said: “We deplore the silence of international organizations regarding the Zionist attacks on the Palestinian people.” ink


CandyKisses:  IMF warns: Global economy is weak

Baghdad Today – Follow-up

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva warned on Saturday that the global economic system is in a “weak” position due to attempts by the world’s central banks to fight inflation.

Georgieva primarily mentioned financial instability and slowing economic growth, but at the same time stressed that the world is not currently threatened by a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis.

“At the moment, the financial system, banking and non-banking, is much cleaner, but this does not mean that weaknesses do not exist,” she said, noting that “we have warned over the past year, that interest rates should not be allowed to rise too much after they have been low for a long time.”

On Thursday, the Director-General announced that global growth would remain at 3 per cent over the next five years, the lowest medium-term forecast since 1990.

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