Urgent Trump: No injuries among US soldiers, and we will impose new sanctions on Iran

The American President, Donald Trump, declared that “there are no casualties among American soldiers due to the Iranian attack on Ein Al-Assad and Erbil bases” in Iraq.
“(Qassim) Soleimani directed the last attack that killed an American in Iraq and masterminded the attack on the American embassy in Baghdad,” Trump said at a conference in the White House.

He added, “We will impose more economic sanctions on Iran to modify its behavior,” noting that “the comprehensive plan of action expires in the near future, which gives Iran an opportunity to try to produce a nuclear weapon.”

” We must work with the major powers to forge a new agreement with Iran so that the world is safer, ” Trump stressed, adding that ” there is no peace in the region as long as Iran continues with its current behavior .”

He revealed, ” I will ask NATO to play a bigger role in the Middle East, just as we no longer need the Middle East oil because we are the largest producer of oil and gas in the world.”

The US President stressed that “eliminating the threat of ISIS is a priority at the present time,” noting that “the United States seeks peace with everyone who wishes to achieve it .”

He said, “The United States does not want to use military force and its economic power is the best deterrent .”


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