[via Frank26]   {CBI’s private bank meeting minutes continued}   [2. ATMs in private banks linked internationally]  Every Private bank of the Central Bank of Iraq will have 2 ATMs.  You know our firm has 6 banks.  4 in Jordon and 2 in Baghdad.  The two banks in Baghdad unveiled their 2 new ATMs.  Citizens can see them.  One of those ATMs is mobile.  The other ATM is permanently stationed outside of the bank on the wall of the bank…there is a decal on the face…the decal depicts the denomination information.  It is just words right now…it says, ‘Iraqi citizens will soon be able to get from the ATM machines a 1, 5, 10, 20 etc’…both of the ATMs will be accompanied with a dedicated person 24/7 to train customers on how to use the ATMs once they go online…  [Post 2 of 8….stay tuned]