Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Tuesday Night 2-7-23

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Welcome everybody to tonight’s big call from wherever you’re listening, welcome. We’re glad you’re here.  Today it is Tuesday, February 7TH and you are listening live to the big call or you may be listening through the big call replay on our replay link or numbers. Anyway that you’re here. Glad to have you in. And let’s look forward to a great call tonight.

We might have 12 minutes of intel – Let me first talk about one thing that a listener and a friend of Sue’s has indicated not sure about how we can keep our quantum account private and out of the eyes of bankers.

Now that’s a very serious issue, but it’s also one that’s easily rectified. The Quantum accounts, remember are the accounts that we send all of the monies from our exchanges to – at the time of our exchange and redemption of Zim, they all get deposited into the quantum access count – let’s call it Quantum account.

Now you say, Well, how do you move funds, you’re gonna get a quantum access card I call it a quantum access card that is three times the thickness of a normal credit or debit card. Really thick, it’s got three chips in it, and that is that is made of titanium. That is the card that you will use to move funds from your quantum account to your primary wells account. And you could theoretically move it to other accounts if you wanted to do it that way.

But who gets to see the quantum account?

Only you can see the quantum account. You are the only one who has eyes for the quantum account – Not your banker, not your premium banker, not your teller, nobody but you unless you want someone else to see it.  Right now – My case – right now – my attorney could see it with me.

So that’s the exception to the rule. This is going to be designed so that you – That’s right, you can move funds from your quantum account to your primary wells account – And you’ll have I believe it’s two passwords – And you’ll have this card and it should have a biometric fingerprint, I think still, which would be a finger or thumb print.  That that is recorded in one of those chips –

In other words, this is designed for your private use. Now once you move funds into that primary account, now you can move the funds to the secondary accounts that you might have set up or to other banks if you want to use other banks. But the quantum account is only for your eyes for your eyes only.

Okay its designed to be that way, so that the bankers don’t have they really don’t know how much you have – now on the day of the exchange in the redemption centers all the only people that the staff or other NDAs they’re not going to retain you or anything else after – after they’re gone, you’re gone.

It’s all something that is going to be entered into that account. But in the accounts, yes, you can have a printed out for you I am going to have a paper with it on there. But that’s okay.

Beyond that. It’s a matter of moving funds. We talked about on Thursday call into your secondary – first your primary account with Wells and then from there maybe on day two or day three, moving funds into your secondary accounts or accounts.

I told you guys, I’ve got four LLC’s I’m going to have four LLC sub or secondary accounts. And I’m going to money from the primary wells into four secondary Well’s accounts. And that’s the whole thing for the first 90 days. After that it’s open season

And we can move money more readily, as much as we need into any account. But understand the quantum account and the quantum account access card is for you. Only – you and your spouse if that applies. Okay, if that’s what you’re looking at a joint account – So don’t worry about that. I wanted to get that and make that very clear

Intel wise    we’ll see what happens after this so called state of the union address and I if it occurs – or occured at nine o’clock Eastern and what I have heard from one of our top international sources directly connected to – already connected to the release of the GESARA information is that after the speech overnight, I’m gonna say or by morning – This is when we’re noticed the notifications for tier 4B are supposed to come out.

Now it may also be that we get notified as well as the bondholders get notified tonight late tonight or overnight by morning, however you want to look at it .

The other thing that we heard was yes, we did not get notified today.  Yes, we have no bananas

We did not get notified today, but we believe that tomorrow in the calendar Wednesday, February the 8th – day and wonder Who in the world likes that number a lot.  That’s right, our friend the Chinese elders.

So could it be that tomorrow – everything gets released which would be our emails are tier 4 B. That would be everything that we’ve been looking for, quite possibly the CMK X,  the adjudicated settlements –I’ts fines and penalties, prosperity packages, Indian claims farm claims, etc.

I believe all of that could be triggered tomorrow.  We’ll see. We’ll look forward to it. And we’ll expect it

And   beyond that information, everything we had heard earlier today was pointing toward Wednesday the eighth.

Now, we don’t know if they’re going to do everything tomorrow, because they give us numbers and have a set appointments for Thursday. And I set a point for tomorrow.

I don’t know. I’m hoping we get it in the morning and we can set appointments and start our exchanges. Even tomorrow, Wednesday. But if it’s Thursday, that’s alright too. We can live with that.

Point is we’re looking for these things to occur after the speech tonight, and we’ll see what that really looks like what that really looks like when we get ready to open our emails and see what see how we can set those up.

I’ll tell you this much – Let me get my calendar right here. Today’s Tuesday. Yesterday at 10am. Eastern Standard Time. The schedules are to go out for between 12 and 15 days depending on the demographics of the redemption centers. So those went out today at 10am in the morning and last night. Check that Sunday night at 10pm.

All the countries around the globe with banks Basel IV compliant or to have their asset backed currencies. primarily, gold backed the precious metals backed and have  those currencies out as of Sunday night 10pm Eastern and that was so they could begin to be traded internationally, globally.

And they didn’t put those out or have those available  to our knowledge it was just going to be a go around. We just go around oh here’s one other things I learned yesterday.

The so called SWIFT system has been in boarded inside the financial system.

So yes, it will be used   our information changed    And is not dead. Certain countries will use it for international wires.

But it is in the confines of the quantum financial system, which sees every transaction monitors every transaction.   So that’s a Positive thing even though will obviously have other ways but there were two or three things about the SWIFT system and decided to keep it integrated and make it under the auspices of the quantum financial system.  All right, so that’s really good.

There’s a video that was out yesterday was not able to be copied and pasted and sent out but we understand that President Trump in a very celebratory mode, talking about the gold back currency, we have the gold back currency again. So I believe our USN and USTN are obviously their gold back and ready to be used

Now here’s the thing, ATM machines since Saturday, we’re not taking currency for deposit on deposit, and they weren’t spitting out currency as early as yesterday, maybe sooner they were not working to where they would put out a US D fiat currency. I think the decision from USD fiat currency to our asset backed gold backed currency and what are they going to transition and make those machines work with that again, I don’t know but it ought to be pretty soon – if I were a betting person, I would say depending on what we get for information tomorrow, it probably would be tomorrow. But there would be news with the USTN  should be – and we’ll see how that comes up. If it come out on Wednesday the 8th

All right. So that’s really what I wanted to talk to you guys tonight in the way of Intel – I think I brought everything  I meant to tonight

I’m excited about the possibility of seeing what we might what we might wake up to or get tomorrow and be able to hopefully get notified – set our appointments and get started l. At Least the information is pointing that way –

One other piece – one other thing – Iraq – there was a post we got tonight – I can’t remember who originated it to us, but it had Iraq saying that their newly revalued currency and that the rate was  in code but obviously we could decode it and it was really good and should be out tomorrow morning Iraq time

Now if that happens  they put it out  in the morning, and that I can understand and not some stupid program rate, that it would  actually be, something that would be usable, and it’s very important for us.

Remember the international rate that you may see is not necessarily what we’re going to have on the front screens at the banks, we ‘ve already seen some of those rates and much higher and are going to be very good for us ok don’t worry about that.

Just make sure your presentations are where you want them to be – get everything together to get your 2 forms of photo ID if you have them –  get your one or two bills  for the house that you have – meaning phone bill  – gas bill  – electric bill  – something like that to show your physical address – bring those – I would say probably pass port –  driver’s license – would be great  – have that available

Add that and I think you’ll be okay. You’ll be fine. Take good precaution. When it comes to setting y our appointment – Make sure it’s a time that you make – make sure you get there no more than 10 minutes ahead of time – they don’t want a bunch of early birds sitting around in the parking lot – they are not going to like that and they will send you home – remember  just one minute early that is all  you want to be – nothing wrong with being on time – If you’re late – back of the line. Nope sorry

This will take you a while to set a new appointment that’s why you want to be punctual but no more than 10 minutes early period. All right.

I’m excited Let’s, get this thing done. Let’s have a great weekend. We got Valentine’s Day coming up on the 14th There’s a lot of cool things happening.

All right. thanks, everybody for listening. appreciate it.


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