[via PDK] …Al Sudani says hes going to put back the dollar to the true, real value of $3.48. [1 Dinar = $3.48 usd] …when he says something…he gets it done. He will not take his eyes off the target and his target is to restore Iraq to its former glory and to move forward to be a key player on the world stage. This is coming from [Guru Nader and local sources in Iraq.  The progress Iraq has gotten done under Sudani’s leadership is immense. I told you all the news was a yo-yo …lots of articles throwing out all sorts of rates…but watch the hand playing the yo-yo…It’s Sudanis hand…and Sudani is saying he wants a return to value of $3.48…This news is awesome.   I still believe we will see it extremely soon but if we don’t see it tonight I certainly won’t be jumping off a bridge, especially with Sudani’s comments in Iraq’s local markets today.