Tishwash:  The United Nations: joint programs with the Iraqi judiciary to investigate financial crimes On Friday, the United Nations Development… Read the rest

Bruce’s Big Call

Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 3-23-23 Transcribed By WiserNow Emailed To Recaps Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight is Thursda… Read the rest


Article:  “An economic institution indicates a rise in the inflation rate, which is the “highest” in Iraq in years” Quot… Read the rest


[via WiserNow]   …here’s one that came  from the Vice President of HSBC  – just last night – he indicated that we would be looking… Read the rest

Mid East

The smaller notes in the ATM machines…is not true.  The ATMs are not allowed it with the small categories …for sure I know…They ca… Read the rest


[Iraq boots-on-the-ground report]  FIREFLY:   We have heard much from the CBI governor…he’s talking about having consistent prici… Read the rest


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What is the real exchange rate? …the official rate is…1300…There’s a discrepancy between the official rate and the mark… Read the rest


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Militia Man

What you and I and everybody else are waiting for is for the private sector.  You’re not going to get into the private sector without having an in… Read the rest