Al-Sudani says 3.48 (credit to Nader) Evening News with MarkZ 01/31/2023

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Member:  Nader was sure tickled wasn`t he to share that with us?

Member: This came from Sudani supposedly on TV. He is the Prime Minister . Let’s see what Mark has to say .

MZ: All credit goes to Nader from the Mid East for this news. Everyone be sure to go to his video and like and share them. Thank you Nader. You can find him on youtube under Nader from the Mid East.

MZ: Nader gives us on the ground updates. He is Iraqi, his family still lives there. Basically Al Sudani says hes going to put back the dollar to the true, real value of $3.48. Sudani is wildly popular with the people and he when he says something…he gets it done. He will not take his eyes off the target and his target is to restore Iraq to its former glory and to move forward to be a key player on the world stage.

MZ:  This is coming from Nader and local sources in Iraq.

Mod: Nader from the Middle East:  1-31-2023

MZ: The progress Iraq has gotten done under Sudani’s leadership is immense. I told you all the news was a yo-yo ……lots of articles throwing out all sorts of rates…..but watch the hand playing the yo-yo…It’s Sudanis hand….and Sudani is saying he wants a return to value of $3.48

MZ: I believe with the contract rate we still should get more than that with the “Oil for Dinar” contract. We will see.

MZ: But $3.48 is huge. This news is awesome. Sudani is clearly telling us what his goals and expectations are. Just try to ignore all the rest of the smoke out there.

Member: $3.48 is the street rate the contract rate will be different

Member: Was it really 1 Dinar = $3.48 or is it $1 = 348 Dinar? It wasn’t clear to me

MZ: He said $3.48  $3 dollars and .48 cents……Sudani is  looking to restore it like he said all along.

Member: I don’t think we have full RV just Iraq. No 800 number just bank when it hits forex.

MZ: My banks do not believe Iraq is going solo. They believe it is all going at once and Iraq is forcing it by saying they are going alone…..that is what I am hearing

Member: People don’t be confused! 1 Dinar = $3.48 usd That is the rate Nader and Mark are talking about!

Member: $3.48is plenty for me and mine

Member: So at 3.48 what would a million dinar be anyone.?

Member: $3 million 480 thousand US dollars. $3,480,000.00

Member:  We were told for YEARS that no one would know the rate until we got to the bank. I’m not believing this

Member: ( From Dinar Guru)  Mnt Goat   WOW! So much news once again about the dinar and… today we are hearing many surprises…The CBI is going to allow any currency to be accepted by the banks in addition to dinar and US dollars. But also to pay for imports and the bills of merchants with other currencies, besides dinar but including dinar. Folks we have been waiting a long time to hear such good news.  …we are going to get the reinstatement very shortly now. Just hang tight a bit longer.

MZ: So Mountain Goat who usually looks at the worst case……is in the same boat we are….excited. All credit goes to Mountain Goat for that one.

Member: Charlie Ward says Germany is looking to join BRICS and that spells the end of the Euro.

MZ: I have heard this as well…and news stories from different German press agencies that Germany is actively looking to join BRICS. Worst case scenario- Germany joins BRICS and tank the Euro..that will then spill into the US. The game will then be over.

Member: Egypt just joined BRICS.

MZ: Yes ….that was in the news yesterday . This was huge news.

MZ: There are still a number of whales in locations all over the world …looking at and expecting things this evening ….We will see. I still believe we will see it extremely soon but if we don’t see it tonight I certainly won’t be jumping off a bridge, especially with Sudani’s comments in Iraq’s local markets today.

MZ: Also today was behind closed door meetings at the Federal Reserve. They were discussing monetary policy issue and Iraq. It could be important.

Member: Working on remaining calm and patient, but…Oh please Oh please Oh please let it happen tonight!

Member: I’m not getting excited until after I leave the bank. This could be another bust.

Member:  This is worst car trip in history, dads running red lights, moms got anxiety, big bro pulling my pigtails, eating my lollies, baby has packed their diaper I’m stuck in middle screaming RV there yet

Member: Groundhog Day is Feb 2, That is kind of funny.

Member: Hoping Punxatawny Phil see his RV shadow.

MZ: When this is all done I am looking forward to a really long nap

Member: Thanks Mark and mods…..may be a amazing night tonight….see you in the morning


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