Judy Byington

Note: All intel should be considered as “Rumors” until we receive official announcements …and “Rates and Dates” could change anytime until we get to the banks/redemption centers

Rv Excerpts from the Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 13 Feb. 2023

Compiled Mon. 13 Feb. 2023 12:01am EST by Judy Byington

What We Think We Know as of Mon. 13 Feb. 2023:

The Green Light for the Global Currency Reset has been given according to three different sources. …Wolverine

On Fri. evening 10 Feb. the massive 98 foot tall Christ the Redeemer Statue on top Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro was struck by a lightning bolt that lit up the sky behind the statue, with little or no damage occurring.

Around Mon. 20 Feb. Liquidity for Tier4b appointments should be available. …a High Up Source

Mon. 20 to Fri. 24 Feb. Bond people were looking to be liquid, along with NESARA active on Fri. 24 Feb. …MarkZ

The Treasury just sent Bill ISO20022 to Biden for signature. It is a formal confirmation and announcement of the regulation being implemented that brings ISO20022 to full compliance. This is telling us that the global digital banking system is in process of being activated. …Goldilocks

Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: A High Up Source indicated that the funding for the RV has already been released to the US Treasury and was in the Quantum Financial System ready to be distributed. The liquidity for Tier4b to begin appointments would be coming from the Rodriguez Trust sometime around Mon. 20 Feb.

Sat. 11 Feb. Wolverine: Everything has already started, what we were waiting for.  Now it’s just a matter of having a little more patience, a few more days until it reaches our level and the payer calls us. We tell you this because we have already had three confirmations from three different sources that the green light has already been given.

Sat. 11 Feb. MarkZ: “The Governor of the CBI met with Daniel Zemeko from JP Morgan on the sidelines during his visit to Washington. JP Morgan is helping settle all their electronic processing for their banking sector. There is no way these heavy hitting corporations are going into a country without a real exchange rate. There are billions of dollars of infrastructure and deals being made. They do not fit with a third world country currency.”

MZ: Still getting many rumors and confirmations of fluctuating bank screens. Banking contacts are on call this weekend but I don’t think they will be called in but I guess it’s still a possibility. It’s still an “any moment” thing, though most of them are looking at early this week.

MZ: Bond people are all looking squarely at the 20th to the 24th. My Nesara contact is expecting NESARA on the 24th. I think we are all a little tired of waiting.

MZ: Congress calls on the Fed and Treasury to clarify Iraq Remittance Audit Procedures. This is all about finishing up and making certain the US is happy with tracking bills to Iran. They want procedures figured out quickly so they could move forward with their monetary reform.

The Quantum Exchange Board: https://blog.executivebiz.com/2022/12/mike-rogers-appointed-to-quantum-xchange-board/

Betty Duncan: “This Intel is from me personally. I have a friend that lives in Ft. Worth. Yesterday (Fri. 10 Feb.) he was in his bank and asked a teller whom he knows about the rainbow currency. She told him that the bank had theirs in the back but that they could not distribute it to the public yet. So it sounds like everything is ready to go and the banks are just waiting on the go ahead signal !!!! Of course we have heard this before but this is from someone I know personally!!”

The Tiers:

Tier 1: Governments and Royalty

Tier 2: Whales-Elite with platforms of currency, corporations, etc.

Tier 3: Admirals Group, American Indians, CMKX, Large Church Groups (like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which has the largest humanitarian program in the World).

Tier 4: (Us, the Internet Group who pays attention to Intel)

Tier 5: The General Public.

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Frank26    It’s not going to be pomp and circumstances.   It’s not going to be on a China balloon.   It’s not going to be on the Goodyear blimp telling everybody,  ‘Hey the Iraqi dinar went up in value.’  No, it’s just going to be another day.  It will be like nothing happened.  It will just move with their trading with their new exchange rate.  The celebration will be inside of Iraq.  People will be going crazy.  Outside it’s such a small percentage of people that have Iraqi dinars.

Walkingstick  [via Frank26]  These [CBI] meetings  have determined when the new small category notes and the new exchange rate will come out together IMO, possibly, more than likely.

NESARA Is Money Safe in the Banks or Investments

Dr. Scott Young:  2-12-2023

Do we know if we need to change in our Silver Coins when NESARA hits?

Does gold peg to the new US Treasury Note?

Is my money safe in the banks or credit unions?

Is my money safe in the stock markets? Are any stock losses going to be reimbursed to me?