Clare:  Kurdish deputy to / Nina /: We will vote on the budget before any other law


A member of Parliament for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Sabah Sobhi, affirmed that no political bloc has the goal of obstructing the approval of the federal general budget.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: that all political blocs will finish reading, discussing and approving them as soon as possible, which will not exceed a month.

Sobhi added: We will vote on the budget before any other law in light of the urgent need for it as we approach the middle of the year.

And the House of Representatives had completed the first reading of the general budget, amid speculation that it will be approved during the next month.   LINK

Clare:  Parliamentary Finance completes its discussions on the draft federal budget law


The House of Representatives announced, on Monday evening, that the Parliamentary Finance Committee has completed its discussions on the draft federal budget law, in the presence of the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament.   LINK


Clare:  Iraq is on the way to achieving the second rank in the Arab world with the largest GDP growth in 2024


Baghdad today – follow-up

Today, Monday, the World Bank expected that Iraq would achieve the second rank in the Arab world, with the largest growth of gross domestic product, during the year 2024.

And the bank stated in a report, followed by (Baghdad Today), that “Iraq’s gross domestic product is expected to grow during the current year 2023 by 2.8%, after it achieved a growth during the year 2022 of 7.9%.”

The report added, “It is hoped that Iraq will achieve a growth in the domestic product in 2024 by 4.4%, to rank second after Djibouti, in which the growth will reach 5.4%,” noting that “the growth of the GDP of Qatar For the same year it will be 2.9%, the Emirates 3.4%, and Saudi Arabia 3.3%, while growth will reach 4% for Egypt, 2.4% for Jordan and 3% for Tunisia.

The World Bank report indicated that it is expected that “the growth of per capita GDP in Iraq will also increase during the year 2024, by 2%, after it was 0.4% in 2023,” explaining that “the highest growth in per capita GDP The total in the Arab countries for the year 2024 will go to Djibouti at a rate of 4.2%, followed by the UAE at a rate of 3.4%.

According to the report, the bank’s experts said that “the growth of the Middle East and North Africa region in 2023 will increase by 3%, or 3.1% in 2024, as the World Bank expected, that the growth rate in capita GDP in 2023 will increase.” the region would increase in 2023.” to 1.6% and by 1.7% in 2024.

The “gross domestic product” gives a general idea of the economic growth of a country, and this growth is usually accompanied by an increase in employment opportunities and an increase in wealth, but this criterion does not include whether the growth is sustainable or temporary, and whether it will cause economic damage in the medium term or the long term.

The gross domestic product is a purely physical indicator, and it is not possible to measure the quality of life in a particular country, or the extent of happiness and comfort of the population, just as this indicator does not take into account the environmental standard and the negative consequences of economic activity that will cost a lot of money in the future.   LINK



Nader From The Mid East   You should see how many people are changing their dollar to dinars.  They’re selling the dollar to dinars.   This morning [Sunday] it was crazy in the stock market …the market was at 1470 I think and everybody scared to lose their money so they changed the dollars to the dinar.  This I was impressed with.  They know something is going to happen.  They know something is coming so they switching their dollars to the dinar.  It’s crazy guys.

Militia Man   The talk of exchange rate volatility between the parallel market and the official rate it’s been in the news quite a bit.  I think there is probably one fix for that and I think it’s pretty obvious but they’re not openly talking about it.  I think that is an exchange rate change in a quantum leap way.  Those are the words they are using.  They’re using ‘speed’…’accelerated’…’accurate’… ‘expedited’… ‘quantum leap’  …it’s an educational process so it’s good that we see that kind of stuff.

“This Is Incredibly Immoral – It Should Be Illegal” – Mike Maloney


“Think about it…why do we allow an entity to counterfeit currency into existence and buy assets such as bonds (which is cashflow on all of our future taxation – it’s the National Debt that they are buying), artificially inflating massive bubbles and bidding these assets away from private investors like you?

This is incredibly immoral, it should be illegal…and it was before the Federal Reserve was created.” – Mike Maloney

Needless to say, today’s video from Mike is a must-watch.


LIVE! The Fed. Is Deliberately Causing A CREDIT COLLAPSE With MUCH Higher Inflation.

Greg Mannarino:  4-10-2023