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BigBerry: Tony said between Wednesday and next Tuesday… its Saturday now.. they don’t do any banking stuff on Monday and Tony said he stretched it out longer than what he was given … so that makes it SUNDAY.. tomorrow… If it goes Sunday in Iraq that could be around 1 am USA time

Alf:  we all have to remember one thing above all. We can get up and walk away from any negotiations there’s nothing chaining us to that chair. If it doesn’t smell ,look, sound right say bye bye.

Jambie67:  And, if you’re offered too low, negotiate negotiate negotiate! Let them know your potential worth and how much money they will be making on your money (fractional banking)! Be prepared to thank them for their time, stand up, extend your hand to shake theirs, and walk out!

Purge:  Happy Saturday Everyone. Banks make money on the overnights and fractional banking on our money every night. Clear explanations are on line at Google of how banks remain rich. Its business. Just saying.

Harambe:  Bloomberg:  Millions March in Iraq in Annual Arbaeen Shiite Pilgrimage