Bix Weir

ALERT! COMEX Silver Shutting Down in January…Along With the Entire Federal Government?!


Something is happening and I don’t think the Good Guys or the Bad Guys can stop it this time.

The wheels are in motion to FINALLY destroy the system that controls all of us! It starts with the destruction of fraudulent asset exchanges and then the total destruction of the US Dollar along with ALL Fiat Money!

I know it sounds like a BIG order but the old control system is ONLY being held together on Blind Faith of the people and that faith is faltering fast.

Hang on for a VERY BIG YEAR IN 2023!!

Debt Reset, Gold IRA Conversion, and CBDCs: What You Need to Know

Lynette Zang & Eric Griffin  1-4-2023

Viewer Questions:

Question 1: When the reset happens, how long after the reset would the banks reset all debt, i.e. mortgages, car loans and credit cards? Am I understanding this correctly: after the reset I would pay off all debt with the revalued gold and silver?

Question 2: I’m 56 and would like to cash in my IRA, pay the taxes and buy physical gold. Since you have done this before did you ever feel nervous about your decision?

Question 3: To avoid CBDC’s. Can’t we just all go to the bank to close our accounts and get cash?

Question 4: In regard to CBDC’s, we see the problem, what is the solution for stopping them?

Question 5: So if you have a gold coin how you going to go buy a loaf of bread, chipping the coin?