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Iraqi News Highlights Sunday Afternoon 1-1-23

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Adnan Al-Sarraj To NINA: The Current Economic Situation Will Not Create A Political Crisis, And The Sudanese Government Is Able To Overcome It

Sunday, January 01, 2023 11:56 | political Number of readings: 326  Baghdad / NINA / – The head of the Iraqi Center for Media Development, Adnan Al-Sarraj, affirmed that the current economic situation will not create a political crisis..and the Sudanese government is able to overcome it.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that the current economic situation will not create a political crisis.. The government is strongly supported by the forces of the coordination framework and state administration, indicating that there are those trying to destabilize political stability by creating an economic crisis.

Al-Sarraj added: The Sudanese government is able to overcome the current economic crisis, indicating that the measures taken by the state will limit the rise of the dollar.

And he explained: that government measures will limit its rise in the future and its negative impact on the people, due to the rise in foodstuffs and others./ End 3

Abdul Hassan Al-Shammari To / NINA /: I Do Not Worry About The Stability Of The Local Currency, With The Large Reserves Of The Dollar And Gold

Sunday, January 01, 2023 10:16 | Economical Number of readings: 369  Baghdad / NINA / – The economic expert, Abdul Hassan Al-Shammari, confirmed that he is not concerned about the stability of the local currency, with the large reserves of the dollar and gold.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency ( NINA ) that what happened during the last period of the rise in the dollar against the local currency was caused by a lack of supply and an increase in demand for it.

Al-Shammari added that external factors stand behind this rise, including Iraq’s payment of dues to Iran in the national currency, which is around 3-5 trillion dinars.

He explained that these sums were pumped into the Iraqi market in one way or another to buy dollars in light of Iran’s need for foreign currency more than the Iraqi dinar to revitalize its tired economic situation.

Al-Shammari stressed that with these factors in addition to others, there is no fear or concern for the Iraqi dinar in light of the presence of large reserves of dollars and gold, in addition to that the continuous flow of foreign currency from the export of oil in particular./ End 3

Where Are The Iraqi Oil Revenues Deposited? Sudanese Advisor Answers

Money and business   Economy News – Baghdad   Today, Sunday, the financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, clarified regarding depositing the revenues obtained for Iraq from the sale of oil.

Saleh said, “(Externally) and according to Security Council Resolution 1483 in May 2003, the revenues of the Ministry of Finance from crude oil, gas, exported derivatives, and other funds are deposited in the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, all of which are deposited in an account called DFI or its current alternative, Iraq/2, which is held by The Central Bank of Iraq, on behalf of the state, to deduct the compensation for the Kuwait war, which ended more than a year ago, from crude oil, derivatives, and gas (if any). Iraq/1″.

And he added, “As a result, the protection of the United Nations previously and the protection of the United States over Iraq’s funds according to the presidential executive order annually is issued on the funds of the Central Bank of Iraq deposited in the US Federal Reserve in the United States in particular, (internal) all the aforementioned and other funds belonging to the Ministry of Finance are recorded in an account Internal in dinars 600/300 for settlement purposes.

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The Rise In The Exchange Rate Of The Dollar In The Local Markets

Economie| 09:59 – 01/01/2023  Baghdad – Mawazine News  Today, Sunday, the exchange rates of the dollar witnessed a slight increase in the local markets.  Selling price: 153,000 dinars per 100 dollars  . Buying price: 152,800 dinars per 100 dollars.


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