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Iraqi News Highlights Tuesday Evening 1-3-23

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For The Third Day In A Row, The Dollar Is Stable At 153 Thousand Dinars

Economie| 09:23 – 03/01/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The exchange rates of the dollar witnessed, today, Tuesday, stability in the local stock exchange.  Selling price: 153,000 dinars per 100 dollars . Buying price: 152,800 dinars per 100 dollars.

Currency Auction.. The Central Bank Of Iraq Sells More Than 134 Million Dollars

Posted On2023-01-03 By Sotaliraq    The central bank’s sales of dollars increased in an auction today, Tuesday, to reach more than 134 million dollars, with the participation of 20 banks.

Our correspondent stated that “the Central Bank sold today, during its auction for the sale and purchase of US dollars, 134 million and 531 thousand and 838 dollars, while what was sold yesterday, Monday, was 127 million and 202 thousand and 161 dollars, which the bank covered at a basic exchange rate of 1460 dinars per dollar. .

Our correspondent added; Cash sales decreased to 58,300,000 dollars, while the rest of 76,231,838 dollars went to strengthening balances abroad in the form of (remittances, credits).

Our correspondent indicated that the number of banks that bought cash dollars amounted to 11 banks, while the number of banks that met requests to strengthen balances abroad reached 9 banks, while the total number of exchange and mediation companies participating in the auction was 234 companies. LINK

Minister Of Oil: Achieving More Than (115) Billion Dollars For The Export Of Crude Oil Last Year

Tuesday 03 January 2023 10:23 | Economical Number of readings: 467  Baghdad / NINA / – Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs and Oil Minister Hayan Abdul-Ghani announced that the total revenues generated from exporting crude oil for the past year 2022 amounted to more than (115) billion dollars.

He said in a statement by the ministry: The quantities exported of crude oil amounted to more than one billion and (209) million barrels, and the final outcome of the daily oil export rate was approximately (3) million and (320) thousand barrels per day.

He pointed out: The export operations were carried out according to studies of the oil market for companies of various nationalities, including (Chinese, Indian, South Korean, Turkish, Greek, American, British, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Dutch) and others, as well as other Arab companies.

Abdul-Ghani praised the efforts of the employees of the Ministry of Oil and its formations for these achieved achievements, which provided the federal budget with sums of money amounting to more than (115) billion dollars./ End 3

Low Oil Prices In World Markets

Economie| 09:03 – 03/01/2023   Follow-up – Mawazine News   Oil prices fell on Tuesday from their highest levels in a month on the rise of the dollar and after the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund warned of more difficulties in 2023 as major economies suffer from weak activity.

Brent crude futures fell 98 cents, or 1.1 percent, to $84.93 a barrel by 0148 GMT.

US West Texas Intermediate crude fell 77 cents, or 1 percent, to $79.49 a barrel, after the dollar rose. A stronger US currency makes commodities denominated in it more expensive for holders of other currencies.

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva said on Sunday that the United States, Europe and China – the main drivers of global growth – are all slowing simultaneously, making 2023 a more difficult year than 2022 for the global economy.

Oil prices had risen more than 2 percent when settling on Friday, with Brent and West Texas Intermediate crude ending 2022 up 10.5 percent and 6.7 percent, respectively. Ended 29/N33

Central Bank: Iraq Is On The Cusp Of A New Development Era That Will Include Several Sectors

Economie| 12:20 – 03/01/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, on Tuesday, its launch of several development initiatives that supported the state at the time of the financial crisis, and helped support residential, industrial and real estate projects and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of hospitals and schools, while indicating that Iraq is on the threshold of a developmental era that will include several sectors.

“After 2014, the functions of the central bank were transformed into developmental roles due to the complex problems the country went through, including the emergence of the terrorist gangs of ISIS and the devastation they caused,” said Central Bank advisor Ihsan Shamran al-Yasiri, in a statement to the official news agency.

He added, “Financial problems also occurred due to the drop in oil prices in 2014, and the bank entrusted the state’s public finances to pay salaries using monetary policy tools, and lending to the government through the secondary market by discounting bonds it bought from banks.”

He pointed out that “the Central Bank also launched a development initiative in 2015, and its total funds so far amounted to 18 trillion dinars to support the banks of the agricultural, industrial and real estate sectors and the housing fund.”

And he continued, “The bank also launched an initiative (Tamkeen) with the funds of banks and non-bank financial institutions, which enabled the state to rebuild Al-Mutanabbi Street, and rehabilitate orphanages, the elderly, hospitals and schools that were damaged by terrorism, and these are recorded as achievements of the monetary institution, and now we are on the threshold of a new development era that will include several sectors.

Mawazine Publishes The Text Of The Council Of Ministers’ Decisions In Today’s Session

Political | 06:42 – 03/01/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   Today, Tuesday, the Council of Ministers held its first regular session for this year, headed by Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani.

The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement, a copy of which was received by Mawazine News, that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani chaired today, Tuesday, the first regular session of this year for the Council of Ministers,” noting that “the developments in the general situation in general were discussed in it.” The country, discussing a number of vital issues and files, as well as discussing the topics on the agenda, and issuing decisions in this regard.

During the session, Al-Sudani referred to “the most important service projects that the government intends to implement during this year,” stressing, ”

The office added, “The council approved the creation of job grades and including them in the draft federal budget law for the year 2023, in order to install contract employees and daily workers,” noting that “in continuation of the government’s effort to support the Gulf Championship 25 in Basra, and to provide the necessary facilities for it, the council approved With the exception of the head of the Iraqi Media Network from the instructions for implementing government contracts (2 of 2014) to contract with the producing company for the television transmission of the Arab Gulf Cup / 25, which will be held on January 6, 2023.

And he continued, “The council discussed the problem of retirees in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, and the reasons for not resolving their files despite the fact that many months have passed since their retirement, which caused great harm to this segment, as the council approved the following:

1- The State Employees Pension Fund received the files of the 707 retired employees of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, and paid their pension rights starting from the date of their retirement.

2- The Ministry of Finance / Budget Department included the amount of (4958478170) dinars, four billion nine hundred and fifty-eight million four hundred and seventy-eight thousand one hundred and seventy dinars, within the draft federal budget law for the fiscal year / 2023.

The Council stated that “with the aim of alleviating the suffering of the displaced and families returning from displacement, ensuring that their humanitarian and living needs are met, and facing the challenges of difficult circumstances, the Council of Ministers approved the continuation of the Ministry of Immigration and Displaced Persons to work with Cabinet Resolution (21 of 2022), to meet the needs of displaced families and those returning from displacement.”

And alleviating its burdens, until the Federal General Budget Law for the fiscal year / 2023 and its instructions are issued according to the actual expenditure.

And he indicated that “the council discussed the issue of money laundering and terrorist financing, and the need to limit these operations, because of the risks they pose to economic and social security, as it voted to approve the national assessment report for the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing for the Republic of Iraq.”

The office affirmed that “the concerned ministries, institutions and government agencies, each according to its specialization, have been obligated to implement the action plan to enhance the commitment of the Republic of Iraq in applying international standards in this field, by implementing the procedures established in the book of the Council for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, taking into account the opinion of the department.”

Legal in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, which is established in its memorandum, and the recovery of corruption funds from the countries to which those funds were smuggled.

In the context of the government’s response to the drug file, and the severe damage it causes in the health, social, security and economic aspects, the Cabinet approved the following:

1- The disbursement of an amount of 1 billion dinars per month, according to the mechanism used in Resolution (15) to combat drugs.

2- Authorizing the Ministry of the Interior to spend on the camps that will be allocated to them by the Ministry of Defense to house and absorb drug users.

3- Holding a conference in Baghdad to raise awareness of drugs and combat them.

And within the framework of supporting national projects in the clean energy sector, the office stated that “the council agreed to endorse the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy (59 of 2022), regarding approving the addition of a project to establish a solar energy plant with a capacity of 200 MW, in the holy governorate of Karbala, to the Cabinet’s decision.” (312 of 2021), and within the production capacity, provided that the Ministry of Electricity completes the technical and contractual requirements and discharges the loads to the national grid later.

The Cabinet discussed other issues on the agenda, and issued the following decisions:

First: Approving the amendment of Cabinet Decision (36 of 2021) regarding dismembered weapons to become as follows:

– Excluding the dismembered weapons located in the Infrastructure Directorate / Department of Warehouses of Returned and Expendable Materials, one of the Ministry of Interior’s formations, from Cabinet Decision (42 of 2017), and handing them over to the Military Industrialization Commission for the privacy of such material; For fear of being exploited by terrorist groups.

Second / All ministries and agencies not associated with the ministry and state institutions shall donate scrap of colored metals, if they wish, to the beneficiary companies of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the Military Industrialization Authority.

Third / Assigning the head of the Federal Financial Control Bureau to manage the administrative and financial affairs of the High Commission for Human Rights, as the independent oversight body associated with the Council of Representatives, based on the provisions of Article (103) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for the year 2005, until the appointment of the Board of Commissioners in the High Commission for Human Rights.


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