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Iraqi News Highlights Sunday Afternoon 1-8-23

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The Central Bank Issues A New Directive To Banks Regarding Currency Sales For Foreign Transfers

Economie| 03:09 – 08/01/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News   The Central Bank of Iraq issued today, Sunday, directives to ministries regarding currency sales for foreign transfers.

And according to a bank letter received by Mawazine News, “Due to the launch of the electronic platform for external transfers at the beginning of the current year, the Central Bank of Iraq welcomes your requests to finance your obligations, transactions, and contracts with abroad in foreign currency and at the official rate.”

The Legislative Recess Ends Tomorrow.. The House Of Representatives Reporter To / NINA /: We Await The Arrival Of The General Budget During The Current Month To Proceed With Its Approval

Sunday 08 January 2023 13:30 | political Number of readings: 397

Baghdad / NINA /- The Parliament will officially end its legislative recess tomorrow, Monday, while the parliamentary committees and circles are still awaiting the arrival of the draft federal budget law 2023, which the Council of Ministers has not decided to approve, pending the ministerial committees’ completion of drafting the final amendments.

Parliament Rapporteur, Representative Beida Khader, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /, that “the general budget 2023 is still with the Ministry of Finance, and the legislative recess for the House of Representatives ends tomorrow, Monday, and then the beginning of the new legislative term, and therefore we are awaiting the completion of the draft budget law.” during the current month and send it to parliament quickly for approval by a vote.

And she explained, “The House of Representatives proceeded with presenting and approving important legislation. The Presidency of the Council also decided to extend the parliament’s work for a month at that time, pending the arrival of the general budget from the government, but so far it is still incomplete.”

And she added, “If the general budget reaches the House of Representatives, there is supposed to be a special session to read and discuss it by the Finance Committee and other concerned committees, to proceed with presenting it to a vote.”

And the Presidency of the House of Representatives decided, on the eighth of last November, to extend the second legislative term / the first legislative year / the fifth electoral cycle, by one month, based on the provisions of Article (58 / second) of the constitution; This is to complete a number of necessary tasks and legislation./ End 5

An Energy Expert Told / Nina /: The Budget Does Not Achieve The Desired Goals Without Final Accounts For The Ministries

Sunday 08 January 2023 14:06 | Economica Number of readings: 239   Baghdad / NINA / – The expert in the field of oil and energy, Muhammad Hawrami, confirmed: The budget does not achieve the desired goals without final accounts for the ministries.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: The budget alone does not achieve its economic and transparency goals without the final accounts.

Hawrami added: We hope first that the parliament will approve it and that the relevant ministries present their final annual accounts… and that the largest share will be for service projects and infrastructure for the investment sector, and not for earning and employing more aliens.

He expressed the hope that the new government would abide by its ministerial program and hold the negligent ones accountable./

The World Bank Warns Of The Risks Of A Global Recession This Year

Sunday 08 January 2023 09:48 | Economical Number of readings: 342  Baghdad / NINA / – The World Bank has expressed concern about more adverse shocks that could push the global economy into recession in 2023.

In a summary of the semi-annual “Global Economic Prospects” report scheduled for release, on Tuesday, it explained: Small countries are at risk in a way private.

He added: Even without the occurrence of another crisis, global growth during 2023 is expected to slow down sharply, reflecting the simultaneous tightening of monetary policy aimed at containing very high inflation, deteriorating financial conditions and the ongoing turmoil resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war.

He continued: The situation requires urgent global and national efforts to mitigate the risks of deflation, as well as the debt crisis in emerging markets and developing economies, as investment growth is expected to remain below average over the past two decades.

The bank stated: It is of the utmost importance that officials in emerging markets and developing countries ensure that the provision of any financial support focuses on the vulnerable, that inflation expectations remain well fixed, and that financial systems continue to show resilience.

Central bankers around the world have introduced similar measures, aggressively raising interest rates to ease price pressures, while governments support businesses and households by containing energy costs./ End3

The Dollar Is Stable At 156 Thousand Dinars In The Iraqi Market

Economie| 10:01 – 08/01/2023   Baghdad – Mawazine News  Today, Sunday, the exchange rates of the dollar witnessed stability in the local markets.   Selling price: 156,000 dinars per 100 dollars   Buying price: 155,800 dinars per 100 dollars

Al-Sudani: The New Iraq Is A Message Of Peace, Cooperation And Partnership With All The Forces Of Goodness And Peace In The World

Today, Sunday, the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, attended the graduation ceremony of the 111th session of the First Military College / Heroes Factory, which was held at the college’s headquarters in Al-Rustamiya.

Al-Sudani delivered a speech during the ceremony, the following are the highlights of it, according to a statement by his media office:

The 102nd year has passed since the establishment of our heroic Iraqi army, the protector of the flag of Iraq, and the nation’s trust and supportive wall.

This memory passes, and we are in the blessing of stability, which was only achieved with the precious sacrifices and blood that our army made along with all kinds of armed forces.

Our Iraqi army went through challenges and turns that tried to break its will. The dictatorship conspired against him and insulted his honorable history.

Our army has always chosen to stand by the people, and by the just causes of the nation. He defended the independence of Iraq, and contributed to the protection of the Arab land in various fields.

Our army continued its march to secure full sovereignty, and stand with the constitution, the democratic process, and the building of the new Iraq.

Our armed forces and our valiant army, through the victory over terrorism and the recovery of all of our land, recorded an epic unparalleled in history.

It is right to remember the blood of the martyrs, old and young, as they rushed unaware of death, at a defining historical moment, which made the future, and responded to the fatwa of the competent jihad launched by Imam Sayyid al-Sistani, which preserved the sanctities of the homeland and its citizens in all their diversity.

The new Iraq is a message of peace, cooperation and partnership with all the forces of goodness and peace in the world. That dark period that wreaked havoc on Iraq and the region has ended.

Today we celebrate the graduation of the 111th session at the First Military College, Factory of Heroes, to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the army. We celebrate while Iraq is well with you, and the responsibility is still great in construction and reconstruction.

In the government program, we have entrusted raising the capabilities of our army, working on the technological and field development of combat weapons, and involving commanders, officers and ranks in various courses that contribute to refining their skills and providing them with additional experience.

This occasion invites us to stress the importance of cohesion between our armed forces and citizens.

I extend my congratulations to our people and to the heroes of the Iraqi army, commanders, officers and ranks, on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of our army, and I stand in gratitude for our honorable martyrs.


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