Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-12-23

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Welcome, everybody to the big call tonight. I’m glad you’re listening wherever you’re listening from all over this globe and beyond. And I know we’re going out tonight to over to over 9.2 million listeners in 67 different languages. So if you’re hearing me in English great – if you’re hearing in other language, that’s good too. 1.2 seconds simultaneous translation – and thank you for everybody that’s involved in doing that, and getting that out for us tonight.

So let’s do this. I’m going to welcome everybody and look forward to tonight being, Thursday, January 12th and everybody out there is listening to the big call. Thanks for tuning in everybody whether you’re live or whether you’re tuned in on the replay numbers or replay link, or whether you’re getting it through our other servers in a different language, welcome.

Yeah, this is it. Let’s see what we could come up with in the way of an intel segment for you.  We did get some information this morning that was very positive. So let’s start with redemption center staff.

Redemption center staff were on a zoom call today – Not a long one kind of a zoom call this morning. And then they were told they were going to be on a one hour response time – on call Friday, Saturday and Sunday – one hour response so that they got the call, they’d be at their desk ready to go – to take our appointments and all that in one hour. That’s what they’re on for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Now, beyond that – what we’re hearing is that we’ve gotten a 90% chance to be notified Friday, Saturday or Sunday and a 100% chance to be notified Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Now, we’ve boiled that down to where it’s looking like bondholders will get their fund that’s tier three, we’ll get their funds and their emails, talking to them about liquidity. That should be Sunday, and Monday, even though we know Monday is a holiday and it’s also a bank holiday.

Okay, because of Martin Luther King Day. So are we really expecting anything that happened on Sunday? Well, I think that’s why we’re at 90% chance for us to be notified Friday, Saturday or Sunday. But when we get to 100% chance Monday Tuesday and Wednesday – Monday is looking very good for us as a day to be notified.

We should / could very well I don’t know it’s not absolute – but we’re hearing and we heard later this evening information to give us the hope that Monday we could get notified – I think the bondholders should be notified Sunday or Monday of their emails so that they’ll have access to funds and that’s pretty exciting thing I think this is looking very good.

Now, in addition to those percentages that I gave you for those days – Some of our top Intel sources are giving us the same information about having a relative bonus – Bonus in the sense of something that might be a surprise. And that would be Sunday, Monday or Tuesday that we could get this surprise – it could be politically motivated. That’d be a political surprise.

I know that’s pretty close to the timeframe ee’re looking at for NESARA to be announced. I talked to you guys on Tuesday about the possibility of getting the so called retribution funds from the trading of our birth certificates and marriage licenses and so on. All of that is supposed to pay out for people in the 61 and older age group supposed to pay out we heard between the 16th and the 20th and it seems like it might be narrowed down to 17th 18th or 19th. If that’s in fact what that was referring to. That was another mystery – but we think it might be related to that part of NESARA. Okay.

I think what we’re looking at is the potential just rose dramatically from where we have been this week to where we should be early next week – and everything seems to be pointing toward that for us, pointing very, very positively for us.

Trying to think if there’s anything that’s really pertinent for us, I will say this – redemption center staff are being monitored – and they have a monitor that they wear so that they can be kept up with as far as location similar to a GPS device, in their phones – and it’s also for their own security – So, this is looking good for us.

I think things are coming together. I wondered about the clean up. You know, we know that there was quite a bit of cleanup over the last several months and even this week – And now I believe what we’re hearing from one of our sources, is that when the majority of those that are left to be picked up or. Clean up on aisle 3 – 4 – 5 is what’s called minor minions.

These are maybe not the big players, most of the big players have been dealt with. And yet there’s probably more change that is still going to take place. But I believe that we’re in a position where, enough of that has taken place, and now we can move forward.

At least that’s what it appears to be from all the people that we’ve talked to – everybody’s pretty much on the same page – from what I can tell.

And as far as the call centers are concerned, we still know that we plan to get an 800 number in the emails. When those come to us, we’ll call it and we should set an appointment either automatically on our touchpad on our phones.

Or if you’re a Zim holder, they want you to speak to someone and you’ll be routed directly to the redemption center that’s indicated by your zip code that you enter in or if they don’t route you directly. They’re supposed to get on the line and give you a phone number that you can call that redemption center. And quite possibly you’ll speak to a staff person that will be helping you at the redemption appointment.

So it’s a connection that you’re going to possibly make with the redemption center that is closest to your zip code that you’ve indicated. I’m saying you’re probably going to indicate that by entering your ZIP code on the touchpad. So remember, all of this is what we expect to happen.

It’s not an absolute thing, but it sounds like that’s what we’re gonna do. And I’m just excited that we’re going to be getting this thing done – Finally, because it has been a while.

Now the thing we’re looking for is we know we have the United States note or the USN digitally having been traded now for probably over a month, maybe two months – Our new currency is asset backed and that the main asset is the gold which is backing our currency.

Now we will have an asset backed USN at the redemption center – But we’ll also have I believe packets of USD and USN combined that we will get at the redemption center. So why don’t we get some USD fiat currency with it?

I think it’s because they want to get that out of circulation here and then get that pulled back in and pulled back into the banks and then eventually to the Treasury. But that’ll the USD will be shredded, or by the USN will not be and I think they probably have that pre package and $1,000 increments, maybe in $2,500 increments.

I’m not sure if we’ve got a package in case people want to get some cash but you’re gonna have a new credit debit card that will be tied to one of your Wells Fargo accounts, your primary maybe to a secondary account, but initially the whole kit & caboodle the whole exchange and redemption of Zim goes into the quantum account.

In a quantum account there’s no payout interest, but you pull monies from the quantum account into your Wells Fargo primary or into a secondary account and those should earn interest. Those will earn interest. And I can’t tell you what the rates are because they change all the time. But that’s what you’ll talk to private banker about and you’re at the redemption center, they’ll tell you what that would be. Okay, so that’ll be something you’ll want to keep in mind and we’ll be able to put somewhere in the neighborhood of one to $1.5 billion into a let’s call it a project account

I told you guys I’m using LLC’s for all my projects. Okay, and this has been highly recommended by my attorney that has a wealth of experience in doing this and this is what he recommended. I liked the system I liked the plan. So I’ve set up 4 LLC’s so far for my main projects.

And then we’re going to take that and go from there. But that worked and all that secondary accounts under my primary with Wells that will give us like 1.2 point 5 billion in each of the LLC accounts so that I can operate and begin to go from there. You guys can do something similar or you gonna do something totally different – all up to you.

I don’t expect based on the information that we have to have another live big call but we will be in touch with you guys after this goes using a recorded message that we would put out on a link that would be attached to your email. When you get an email from us – It would have that link you would click on and listen to it. on your phone, your tablet or your PC.

And that’s how we’ll probably communicate with you initially until we get our website URLs built out so that you can interact with us that way. Okay, so there’s a lot of planning in the process to do that – to get that out for you.

So that’s really what I wanted to bring to you guys tonight. I want everybody to have a really nice weekend. And keep an eye on your emails. and we’ll see where this thing goes – have a nice holiday on Monday. but keep an eye because I have a feeling that’s maybe the day that the notifications for tier 4B come out

Right bondholders probably get their emails Sunday or Monday. And we should be right there just about with them on a shotgun start. So I want to thank everybody that’s tuned in. Thank you, tech team that’s been able to get this call out to 9.2 or more million listeners in 67 different languages. It’s terrific. And those who are using free conference call – the live lines that we have and the replay number that we have and the replay links that we’ve placed a call up later. And you can go to the website and grab that and the website is big call Universe.

Well listen, everybody, Thanks so much for listening all over the globe. Thanks for tuning in. Everybody have a great weekend.


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