Bruce’s Big Call Dinar Intel Thursday Night 1-26-23

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Welcome everybody to the big call tonight – it is Thursday, January 26th and you’re listening to the big call. Thanks, everybody, for tuning in from wherever you are – whether you’re live or whether you’re listening to a replay on a replay links and replay numbers, or whether you happen to be simultaneously translated into your own language, about 70 -76 or 80 different languages around the globe. Either way, welcome and we’re thrilled that you’re here. We really are. We’re excited and we’re going to get a nice call tonight, and we look forward to this possibly being our last call, I hope, no offense to anybody, but that’s kind of what it looks like right now. So we’ll get into that a little bit more later in the Intel segment

I would like to say that it is getting quiet out there.  All the bankers have shut down. They’ve all gone zipper lipped. They’ve all gone quiet, either under NDA or under gag order, whatever you want to call it. They’re just very limited information coming out. We do have some information that comes out from other sources. And that’s good, really good.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have much to talk about but we do find ourselves now in a position of basically the same situation that the bond sellers are in – They are looking to have their notifications come to them, giving them access to funds between now and 7pm, Sunday evening, Eastern Time.

So we are in that window of notification along with the bondholders. Will it be at the same time, I don’t know. Will it be up to 12 hours later, it could very well be – but if we’re like modified shotgun start, which I believe we’re on once the bond owners get their emails giving them liquidity or access to their funds, within 12 hours of that, we should be able to get notified and get the toll free number and Set our appointments and get ready for our exchanges and redemption of Zim.

Alright, so that’s how it’s positioned right now. Sort of a staggered start staggered or modified shot gun start.

Now, the next thing is since we also should be notified between now and 7pm, Sunday night. That’s only a few more days isn’t Thursday, Friday, Saturday, so three more days anything could happen in those three days. However, we have been told that this should start for us, meaning exchanges and redemption of Zim – in the last three days of this month which is if I know my calendar, right? – is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Right? That would be Tuesday the 31st January.

I believe they intend to get us started this month. Now will they start us on Sunday? I don’t see it. Nope. I doubt it will give us the numbers Sunday and set appointments Sunday or Monday? Yes. And will they allow us to get started with our exchanges Monday?  Maybe – yes. Or it could very well be that we set our appointments Monday and start on Tuesday.

Nobody’s talked about the first of February which is Wednesday – yet –  So let’s see how they handle that.

What’s happened so far at the redemption centers – weeks and weeks ago they’ve opened the new shrink wrapped, packaging of the $50 bill and $100 Bill of the United States Treasury notes – USTN’s.

Those are up – those who have been unpacked that are in redemption centers in drawers and in the teller drawers ready to go. What happened last Sunday. Today’s Thursday what happened last Sunday.

They unwrapped and unpacked or unsealed the 20’s – 10’s and 5’s that needed to be brought into the teller drawers. And they’ve gotten in my opinion they have the 100”s and 50”s pre packed for us that want to get cash and they really don’t want to take more than $6,500 in cash.

Let’s say we take $2500 or $5000 in cash at the redemption center at the time of our exchange. Well they’ve got that pre packed for us. Or we just have it oh you want to 25 – here you go — want to 25 here’s 5000 They’ll spend it all in one place. So that’s going to be available in the redemption centers.

And we believe this new currency is already out in most banks. Not all tier 3 and 4 yet probably. But certainly all tier 1’s have it and most tier 2’s should have it.

Okay, so it should be available for us shortly. I hate that word shortly. Well what does that mean, that means well, I don’t think it’d be available until we start our exchanges. So if we started on Monday, let’s say Monday who started using we’ll see it on Tuesday. I don’t think we’ll see if the rest of this week.

I don’t think so. But we are supposed to have some type of news in air quotes. This weekend, Saturday and or Sunday. I don’t know what it is yet – are supposed to be watching for some news, Saturday and Sunday.   Now obviously, we’re looking for our notification that’s not what I’m talking about. So it’d be something else.

Now what else is going on? Oh, let’s bring up on a friend Iraq. What has Iraq done? Well, they have instituted their Iraqi Stock Exchange and they have put the Iraqi Stock Exchange on and connected with our NASDAQ or NASDAQ as you guys remember is our big tech stock exchange right primarily – a lot of tech companies

So in order to invest as an American in the Iraqi Stock Exchange stocks, you find them on the NASDAQ. But when would that happen? Is it on there now? it’s connected now.  But you’re not going to find it on there now, I don’t believe operationally until Monday.

So if it’s on Monday, that’s cool. That’s good. And that means a Iraq basically is ready for business. They are ready for business, they’ve got their new rate out – it’ss being traded up. And this Sunday, we think that the Forex will show the Iraqi dinar at a reasonable rate at an international rate. Okay, well, that’s good. And so Iraq will also still be trading with China and other Far Eastern countries When that trading begins about nine o’clock at night our time That also begin trading The dinar with those countries Sunday night.

So Iraq is set and ready to go. We understand they’ve traded their opening value there in country rate up quite a bit, actually, so far. And we’re looking forward to our exchanges here. Let’s face it, we’re all looking. I’ve been waiting 18 years for this time. So don’t let me go to 19 years – don’t let me go there. And we’ve done started 12 years on the big call. I think our time has served us well. There’s just not a whole lot of new that I can bring in – you know – we’re still looking for the NESARA and GESARA announcements sometime in early February, I think.  Very early, maybe that’s something we get over the weekend. I just thought maybe that’s what we’re looking at Saturday, Sunday.

That would be interesting. All right. so we’ve got some things to keep our eyes open for and we’re gonna get guys looking forward to our emails. Most everybody will be getting an email, if they bought currency through a bonafide seller.

Because you have to put your email in and you had your phone number in and all that stuff so they know who we are as Zim holders /owners already, unless you’ve been gifted zim by somebody, they may not know who you are at all. And that’s cool. They’ll have a little no your customer time at the very beginning of your appointment.

You may find that all you have to do is show one picture ID tell them who you are. And they say yeah, we got you. We got you – we know who you are, you’re in the system. We got just quantum Financial System Manager. Okay, so everything’s cool. Maybe that way, or if you’ve been gifted and you go in there, you show two forms of photo ID.

You show a power bill or what they call what a cell phone bill or utility bill, something that gives your personal home address on there. They want to see that just to verify that you’re a real person you have a place that you live, and then that’ll be done very, in pretty short order.

And then you’ll get started with your exchanges. You know, and we’ve gone over that multiple times, and how that’s going to work, but the big part of it is if you’re older and some of you are recent Zim owners, and you know what I’m referring to. So you got a five to eight minute window where they want you to present what it is you plan to do with the proceeds of your redemption of Zim. Why? Why

What do you need to do that? Well, you don’t have to do it. But if you’ve looked at the denomination of a $10 trillion Zim node, and you have a project that’s got any kind of legs at all guess what? Guess what you’re gonna be expecting for the redemption of that note.  It’s not a few million dollars- sorry – NO

The face value of the notes is on par with the United States note.

Same as the same rate as that’s a bearer bond payable to the bearer of so keep it safe – So yes, it’s quite valuable. That’s why I’m looking to say well, you know, what are you gonna do with $10 trillion dollars?   I don’t know.  Buy a fleet of yachts and chill out in the Caribbean? No.

It’s okay. Have a little “me” time in the Caribbean. That’s cool. I get it. But that is way too much money to use just for yourself. It’s designed for us to use to benefit humanity. That’s what projects are about. That’s what rebuild America is about. That’s what the Veterans retreat network is about. That’s what the pastoral retreat network is. That’s what rebuild International is about. And whatever your projects are, those are just mine – Okay, so this is something where you create a presentation.

Now, the reason I bring that up is based on the information we have the fact that we should get notified by Sunday evening, and we’ve got the last three days where they started, at least with notifications and setting appointments, and hopefully started exchanges Monday or Tuesday. Looking very solid. That’s what we expect. So it doesn’t give you a whole heck of a lot of time.

And we’re not looking to do live on the air calls like we’re doing now after tonight. We don’t believe we will – we could – but we don’t expect to. We do not expect to do it. The next call we would do would be a podcast. So it’s gonna be fun, guys, it really will be fun.

I’m looking forward to it. Remember to go after the joy of the Lord not just pleasurable things and stuff to make you quote unquote happy. Now there’s nothing wrong with being happy – but realize that this money is used to hide things. It’s just temporary, what really last and you could actually have buyer’s remorse on a yacht or a certain exotic vehicle or whatever.

You know, I mean, that sits that stands and sits in the in the parking lot or sits in the garage and doesn’t really go anywhere. You be the judge of how to use it. But I’ve been praying that we would be good stewards of these funds and use them for humanitarian purposes  —

Of course you can buy some nice things for yourself. I would expect you to but just realize that what we’ve talked about for these 12 years and just have a great time with this. It’s going to be super

So that’s what I really want to bring to you guys. Take care of what you’re doing. Make sure of your health and nutrition and be ready to receive your notifications.

Let’s see where this goes over the weekend and into early next week.  Let’s pray the call out.

Have a great weekend everybody – good night


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