Henig:  Hakim congratulates the Iraqis on the occasion of the new year

Baghdad / NINA / The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, congratulated today, Saturday, on the occasion of the new year, wished that the new year would be a qualitative year at the various political, security, economic, social , sports and other levels.

Al-Hakim said: “The world will fold the year 2022, full of events and occasions, to usher in a new year 2023 that brings with it positive feelings, happy aspirations, great aspirations, and ease after hardship, God willing.”   LINK

Henig:  Ihsan Al-Shammari to / NINA /: The crisis of the rise in dollar prices was caused by the US economic “cold” war

Baghdad / NINA / – The Head of the Center for Political Thinking, Ihsan Al-Shammari, confirmed: “The crisis of the dollar’s rise in prices was caused by the American economic “cold” war, and it was exploited by internal parties to blackmail the government.

Al-Shammari said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “The current cold war between the United States of America and Iran has an economic aspect, given that the first exerts maximum pressure on the second, and therefore obliged Iraq not to make financial transfers to Iran, other than electricity energy transfers, in which there was a previous exception during the previous governments.

He added: “There seem to be financial transfers with attempts by political parties to control some important financial positions for the purpose of circumventing US sanctions, and therefore everything that is happening is the result of the US-Iranian conflict, and it is not a matter of banks and their closure.”   LINK


Henig:  Governor of the CBI: High exchange rate is a temporary situation

Baghdad / NINA / The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, confirmed that the exchange rate hike is a temporary situation.

A CBI’s statement said, “The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Makhaif, conducted a field visit to a number of banks that started selling foreign currency.”

The statement added, “The governor urged, during his meeting with bank departments, to facilitate the procedures for selling foreign currency to citizens wishing to obtain it for the purposes of travel, treatment, and others,” noting that “the Central Bank of Iraq has taken a number of decisions that contribute to achieving stability in the foreign currency market.”

He stressed that “bank outlets for selling foreign currency will be doubled to meet the needs of travelers, with the possibility of increasing the amount of the weekly share allocated to banks.”

Mukhaif described that “the rise in the exchange rate is a temporary situation that came after internal and external effects of applying international standards, as the bank succeeded in addressing it and minimizing its effects on the Iraqi economy, stressing not to raise public concerns about the rise in dollar exchange rates, and the need to take deterrent measures against speculators.” stressing that “the situation of Iraq is much better than other countries, and there is no room for comparison with it.  LINK



Frank26   Don’t give them [Your dinars] to anybody.  There are many demons of Satan out there… Ring-a-ding-ding – Hello?  ‘You got dinars?  I tell you what, we belong to a humanitarian project.  It’s with the United Nations.  Oh, yeah it’s good people.  What we’re going to do is give $5 for every dinar.  Yeah!  Not what the CBI is going to give.  So send me your dinars and we’ll hold them here in our vault and when it happens we’ll take good care of you.  Yeah, we’re going to send you documents.  Yeah, we’ll sign a piece of paper saying we have your dinars.  You’re going to get a lot more than everybody else.’   [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

Frank26   Human greed, gluttony…kicks in because the horns of Satan cause you to think that way.  Don’t give your dinars to anybody else that is promising you more than what is legal.  Any bank can only give you the rate the CBI is a part of.  “Oh, but I belong to the humanitarian project and they are going to give me more“.  How is that possible?  You can’t get blood out of a turnip…Don’t let these people do this to you.  They want your dinars… [Post 2 of 2]

Paper Currency Is Worthless | Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

Liberty and Finance:  01-01-2023

2023 is going to be booming for commodities, says seasoned market trader Todd “Bubba” Horwitz. He is bullish on precious metals as investors head toward safe assets. He says that paper currencies are fundamentally worthless. Eventually, he sees people may have to use precious metals as money if confidence is lost in U.S. dollars.


ALERT! Silver Wrap-Up… Riggers Succeed in 2022 but Out of 2023 SILVER! NO SILVER LEFT!!

(Bix Weir)  12-31-2022

Here’s my wrap-up for 2022 and what we are looking at for 2023. Yes, the bad guys were able to keep the price of silver EXTREMELY LOW for the entire year but they have to use all their “Silver Bullets” and 2023 looks like a HUGE WINNER FOR SILVER!!