Clare: No agreement with the region.. Expectations to settle the draft budget for 2023


Parliamentary circles are leaking conflicting information regarding the fate of the draft budget for the year 2023, at a time when the negotiations of the delegations of the Kurdistan region are in place regarding the region’s share of it.

The government has completed the draft budget law, and it will be sent to parliament in conjunction with the start of the second legislative term, which will start its work on the ninth of this month, for the purpose of discussing and approving it,” Ali Turki, a representative of the Fatah parliamentary bloc, said in a press statement.

Turki added, “Confirmed information we obtained indicates that the Sudanese government has fully completed the draft budget law for the current year,” noting that “the government, in turn, will send the draft law to the House of Representatives for the purpose of discussion and approval.”

He explained, “The 2023 budget will translate the government program in the files of health, electricity, investment and infrastructure,” noting that “it is not ready to be referred to parliament.”

Suleiman attributed the reasons for its lack of readiness “for discussion and approval, summed up in the fact that it needs to prepare paragraphs, including the region’s share, the exchange rate, and infrastructure allocations.”  LINK

Margarita:  Thanks Clare!  It shows up the moron gurus that say the Exchange Rate isn’t in the budget- It is…as we can see in this article.


Henig:  The volume of trade exchange for Iraq mostly with four major countries in the year 2022

Baghdad / NINA / The trademap website, which provides a trade map for countries for exports and imports, considered that Iraq’s trade exchange was mostly with four major countries in the year 2022.

The website said in its statistics that “China, Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates were the countries that exchanged the most trade with Iraq during the year 2022,” noting that “the exchange with these countries ranged between 20-50%.”

It added, “India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, the United States, Germany and Italy were the countries that ranked second in trade exchange with Iraq, with a rate ranging between 1-5 percent.”

It pointed out that “Egypt, Russia, Australia, Canada, most European countries, Brazil and most Asian countries, including Japan, ranked third in trade exchange with Iraq, at a rate of 1%.”  LINK



Walkingstick   [via Frank26]  The announcement is about timing – concerning the new exchange rate.  I wonder if the CBI governor will even make it through that time period…he’s got to do his job… Article:  “A source reveals behind the scenes of the news that talked about the dismissal of the governor of the Central Bank

Mnt Goat   Iraq started the process of joining the WTO 18 years ago…the process was delayed due to corruption in Iraq… due to political and economic instability this was stalled until 2017…Since then, the fast-tracking process is underway…Iraq has made considerable progress in this front…They must be VERY close to full membership…I will say that I believe the WTO is also going to push that Iraq reinstate the IQD back on FOREX and relieve Iraq of all sanctions on their currency… Iraq was supposed to be already reinstated on FOREX, as Dr. Shabib wanted to do back in January 2013.

Next Fed Move Forces All US Banks To Go Bankrupt, Gold & Silver To Rise & Cash To…” | Rick Rule

Two Dollar Investing:  1-8-2023


Massive Escalation – This Economic Apocalypse Won’t End

Sean Foo:  1-8-2023

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has escalated once again. Russia has sent out a frigate armed with hypersonic missiles into the Atlantic while the West is sending armored vehicles to Ukraine.

This is going to make the conflict worse and the financial fallout is going to be devasting for the world economy. This could very well push the world into a deep recession.

Timestamps & Chapters:

0:00 Things Are Escalating!

1:52 Crazy Deficit Spending Won’t End

4:25 Russia’s Inflation Strategy

6:59 The Fed Is Trapped

9:31 Escaping Treasuries

11:31 The Pain Is Not Over Yet