Henig:  Al-Sudani returns to Baghdad after concluding his visit to Germany – Urgent

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

Prime Minister Mohamed Shia Al-Sudani returned home after concluding his visit to Germany.

The media office said in a statement received by (Baghdad Today ), that “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani returns to the homeland after the conclusion of his official visit to Germany.”

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani arrived in Germany at the head of a high-ranking government delegation on an official visit.    LINK

Henig:  Iraq signs a new agreement with Germany’s Siemens to provide 6 gigawatts of electricity

Baghdad / NINA / – The Minister of Electricity, Ziyad Ali Fadel, signed with Christian Bruch, director of the German Siemens company, a new agreement with the company to provide a total of 6 gigawatts of electricity in Iraq.

The agreement includes benefiting from the gas associated with oil extraction to operate new power stations, which saves money and independence in production operations.

The signing was attended by Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and his German counterpart, Robert Habeck.   LINK


Henig:  Al-Sudani: Iraq does not need forces from the international coalition, and our security services are capable of deterring terrorism

FRI, 01-13-2023, PM 6:12

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani announced today, Friday, that today’s meeting with the German Chancellor establishes a strategic relationship with Germany.

Al-Sudani said during a press conference in Germany: “Today’s meeting establishes a strategic relationship with Germany. The government has made financial allocations for the implementation of memorandums of understanding between the two countries,” stressing the government’s keenness on a balanced approach to foreign relations.

The Prime Minister added: “We have a successful experience with Siemens and we have made clear our desire for other investment companies to enter Iraq, and granting visas to companies came in order to overcome obstacles to their entry into Iraq.”

Al-Sudani stressed: “Our security services are capable of deterring terrorism and have reached a stage of readiness that enables them to maintain security and stability, and Iraq does not need forces from the international coalition,” according to “Sputnik.”

The Iraqi prime minister said that “Germany supported Iraq in the file of recovering smuggled antiquities.”     LINK



Mnt Goat  Article:  “THE CENTRAL BANK SETS A DATE FOR THE RETURN OF THE DOLLAR EXCHANGE TO “ NORMAL ”  No! This 1470 is not normal. They have been on this program rate for so long now it has become the “normal”. It was supposed to be termporary and maybe for 5 years but here we are almost 2 decades later. Its time to execute the 2011 plan to reinstate it to the proper normal rate on FOREX…

Frank26  The budget waits for the new exchange rate.  The exchange rate waits for no one.  Everything, the contracts, investors, monetary reform of new currency, citizens, you, everybody, waits for the new exchange rate.  The new exchange rate is primed and ready.  Because of the fact that they told them they’re going to give it to them…in my deep heart I feel that the meetings that occurred between [Guru Walkingstick’s] #1 and #2 [bank friends’ banks] gave all the next steps..

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