Henig:  The PM directs the Ministry of Electricity to contract with sober international companies.

Baghdad / NINA / – The Prime Minister, Muhammad Al-Sudani, instructed the Ministry of Electricity to contract with international companies.

A ministry statement quoted Electricity Minister Ziyad Ali Fadel as saying: The Prime Minister directed that the contracts of the Ministry of Electricity be with reputable international companies.

He added: Our ministry is preparing for this transformation and developing strategic plans to implement it.

He continued: The ministry will witness the signing of major international companies in the field of electricity.

The minister had signed an agreement with the German company Siemens on the sidelines of the Prime Minister’s visit to Germany.   LINK

Henig:  Iraq is studying the application of the “TIR” system.. What are its economic gains? 

Economy News – Baghdad

The National Committee to Facilitate the Movement of Transport and Trade in the ESCWA Region of the Ministry of Transport discussed with the General Company for Land Transport the procedures for applying the international (TIR) system, the movement of trade between exporting and importing countries on the territory of Iraq, while clarifying its advantages and economic gains.

Committee member Abdul Hassan Al-Ziyadi said in a statement to the official news agency, “We met with the assistant general manager of the company to answer all inquiries and review the latest procedures related to the application of the transit and international guarantee system (TIR) in the entry of trucks for goods, which we are studying to implement in Iraq.”

He explained, “The TIR system contributes to reducing the transportation time by up to 80%, in addition to reducing costs by up to 38%, and the system is currently applied in many countries, and allows goods to be shipped from the country of origin, through transit countries to the destination country in Customs-sealed transport compartments that are tracked through a multilateral system that is recognized between the countries implementing the TIR mutually.

It is the easiest, safest and most reliable way to move goods across multiple international borders, which saves time and money for transport operators and customs authorities, in addition to being the key to faster border crossings for truck drivers, which means lower costs for transport companies and customs authorities,” he noted.

And Al-Ziyadi stated, “The TIR also contributes directly to the implementation of the main objectives of the Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization (TFA), such as measures aimed at enhancing transparency, goods clearance, freedom of transit, customs cooperation, and the dissemination and availability of information.”  LINK



Walkingstick  [via Frank26]   The retrieving of the 3-zeros has been very successful.  When they lifted the value on December 20th 2 years go it brought in a good portion of their 3-zero notes.  They’re satisfied but they’ll continue to collect them.  The monetary reform will continue even after they float.

Pimpy  I was watching this video on the black markets over there in Iraq…They were highlighting a female…She takes hundreds of U.S. dollars and buys Iraqi dinars.  She’s buying them on the black market for something ridiculous like 2,500 dinars for every dollar…the official exchange rate is 1,450 dinars for every dollar but she’s getting 2,500 or more…She takes the dinars, brings them back to an individual who then resells them here in the United States for a premium…they’re making money hand over fist.  These are small time people working in the black market.  You can imagine somebody on a much larger scale.


Kat Anonup Update: House Votes to Abolish Income Tax

Sunday, 15 January 2023, 8:51 AM

When the House votes to ABOLISH INCOME TAX

Personal Tax 10→37%
Corporate Tax 21%
Death Tax 18→40%
Gift Tax 18→40%
Payroll Tax 15.3%

Personal Tax 0
Corporate Tax 0
Death Tax 0
Gift Tax 0
Payroll Tax 0


New Tax National Sales Tax


However the ACTUAL current Situation VERIFIED by Patriots
IRS kaput
U.K. Inland Revenue kaput
Federal Reserve kaput
Central banks kaput

IRS D.C. building EMPTY



NESARA / GESARA: Debt Economy | Debt Forgiveness | National Debt & Fiat Currency

Nesara and hope in the last days-Dr. Scott Young:  Premiered Apr 22, 2022

The National Economic Security and Recovery Act is a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by private citizen Harvey Francis Barnard.

One of the most frequent questions about NESARA is about Debt Forgiveness. Which ones will be paid off? Why will they be paid off? How will they be paid off?

The Debt Economy can be very complicated, and the process of who gets Debt Forgiveness is not fair. Who is paying for the payoff? What about the national debt? There are also different Types of Debt: business to business, business to personal, and we will go over all those types of debt and more in this week’s video about Debt Economy, Debt Forgiveness, and we’ll even talk about Fiat Money/Fiat Currency.


Longer Interview on NESARA

Nesara and hope in the last days-Dr. Scott Young:   Premiered Jan 6, 2023

Nesara info starts about minute 15:00

The National Economic Security and Recovery Act is a set of proposed economic reforms for the United States suggested during the 1990s by private citizen Harvey Francis Barnard.