Clare:  ZainCash, Western Union to Enable Int’l Money Transfers

30th January 2023 By John Lee.

ZainCash Iraq has announced a partnership with Western Union to enable international money transfers through the ZainCash mobile application.

According to a press release, this allows customers in Iraq to easily and reliably send and receive money to more than 200 countries and territories.

The app can be used by individuals, small and medium businesses (SMEs), as well as public sector entities and non-governmental organizations.

(Source: Zain)   LINK

Clare:   The Governor of the Central Bank presents to Parliament a plan to control the exchange rates of the dollar


The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, presented a plan to control the exchange rates of the dollar.

This came during his meeting with the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mohsen al-Mandalawi, and the latter stressed the necessity of returning financial stability – especially the exchange rate of the dollar – to the Iraqi markets soon. He also stressed the need to “commit to legal procedures for financial transfers, and protect the Iraqi economy from previous violations.”

Al-Mandalawi stressed, “The need to implement global procedures, follow up on transfers, the work of private banks and exchange companies, and pursue all abuses according to the Iraqi laws in force, in implementation of the obligations of the Central Bank of Iraq.”

The First Deputy listened to an extensive explanation of the relationship to the financial and control plan that the Central Bank of Iraq will work on, to control dollar exchange rates, prevent financial speculation, and follow up on suspicious purchases of hard currency that are intended to harm the national economy.    LINK



Pimpy    Let’s get back to Iraq because their currency is going to hell in a hand basket…Prior to the 2020 devaluation of the Iraqi currency we were getting 1190 dinars for every dollar.  We are heading in the direction of getting 1750 dinars which is a huge deviation.  It’s going in the wrong direction.  Basically it’s getting to the point where the Iraqi dinar is about as valuable as the Zim dollar…

Militia Man  In the last few days what we have seen is a quickening for things to happen because of what the United States Federal Reserve has done by deleting the US dollar from the [Iraqi] street…that’s an ongoing process.  That’s not going to quit.



Greg Mannarino:  1-30-2023


We’re Entering a Major Crisis; CBDCs Coming in 2023, Serfdom is Upon Us Warns Doug Casey

Stansberry Research:  1-30-2023

“The excess money printing is to maintain the house of cards we’ve built up over decades and decades,” says Doug Casey, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Doug Casey’s Take podcast.

“Central bank digital currencies are like the final arrow in their quiver, and if the public sheepishly accepts CBDCs, we’ll be one step closer to the serfs,” he warns Daniela Cambone.

“The U.S.’s leading export has been dollars, we ship dollars, and they are printed up out of nothing by the Federal Reserve, and they are going to lose the world reserve currency status,” Casey continues.

“[China and Russia] are trading with each other with gold, the whole world is going go back to gold and people will trade with gold,” he exclaims.

“There shouldn’t be a gold backed currency, gold is currency,” Casey makes clear. “The Ukraine-Russia conflict is just an overture… many of the countries in the world today are going to breakup into smaller countries including, Brazil, Bolivia, all the countries in Africa, France, Span and the U.K.,” he concludes