Tuesday Evening News with MarkZ 01/03/2023

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Member: Good evening friends, seems like a good night for a RV!

Member: Taco Tuesday with a side of RV

Member: I hope and pray all of this chatter turns into the real stuff for us at tier 4b

MZ: I feel like a ping pong ball today……We are hearing all kinds of stuff from banks all around the world.

MZ: I cannot tell you how many folks today in our contacts received calls today saying “Hey, you can exchange dong….the Vietnamese dong just showed up on the exchange rate at (?) Then 10 minutes later calls saying don’t go to the banks…

MZ: There are reports from Columbia and Brazil , South and Central America that they have started the process or about to start the process. We are starting to see (without a hold) rates show up on screens. The problem is sitting right in front of them at the moment the rate shows up….they are popping in and popping out…..It is frustrating today for many on the banking side.

MZ: I believe they are doing a final test of the system to make sure they have everything working properly….The rate we saw pop up most commonly for the Vietnamese dong  was $1.39……this doesn’t mean this is what the final rate will be. There is an interesting ping pong going on with foreign currency rates right now.

MZ: We are getting a lot of fantastic chatter right now…especially form international paymasters. South and Central America specifically.

MZ: It’s exciting to see movement ….but, I don’t know how close we are. I know the group leaders are still in meetings on logistics …or final logistics…..just not a firm handle on “when”.

MZ: I have one fantastic contact in Reno and our conversations have been anything but currency….if I try to steer it back to currency –I get steered back to family or weather…..anything but currency. This gives me the gut feeling that there is a NDA involved there. That contact is very jovial right now which is unusual.

MZ: Wish I had more to share on absolutes or specifics…..but it’s pretty exciting.

MZ: Iraq expects the first reading of the HCL and the budget ect….to be on Jan 9th. This doesn’t mean we can’t go before then….The CBI has very clearly said that they can go before then. But it is a date to watch.

Member: If the budget needs the rate then its logical we see the new rate before then….imo

MZ: Yes Iraq could go by themselves….but, I am hearing today contacts still expect it all to go at once.

MZ: We do know from a DHS contact that CMKX did indeed just update their fines and penalties  between Christmas and New Years. This tells us they are prepared as well. I have not heard anything new on PP’s or Farm Claims yet.

Member: Seems they are still dealing with corrupt Minister in Iraq an arrest warrant issued for a member of the Integrity Commission! “Clean up on Aisle 3?”

Member: I heard that Iraq is still trying to get their ISO20022 up.

Member:  i would like to know how the exchange will work if it floats at 2$ is that 2 us for 1 dinar or vice verse thanks

MZ: Yes- that would be $2 US for each dinar.

Member: How many baskets will there be?

MZ: I am expecting one basket….but, there are some currencies that are not ready. I have been told they will revalue and float over time.

Member: is there a list what’s in the basket and what isn’t in the basket ?

Member: 1. US 2. UK 3. Kuwait 4. Canada 5. Mexico 6. Russia 7. China 8. Venezuela 9. Iranian Rial? 10. IRAQ 11. Indonesia Rupiah 12. Malaysia 13. Vietnamese 14. Brazil 15. Saudi Arabia 16. Qatar 17. United Arab Emirates 18. Turkey 19. Afghanistan possibly20. India 21. Libya 22. Japan23. Zimbabwe

Member: So is the Iranian Rial still in the basket?

MZ: We just don’t know. …If it doesn’t it will create a great opportunity for later. There are a couple currencies we don’t know if they are still in the first basket. I would rule out Afghanistan and Mongolia at this time. I think they will float over time.

Member: Are we expecting notifications any time of day or night….or just night???

MZ: The original design was somewhere between 11 pm and 2 AM est….for the release. I do not think we are time specific anymore. It could be any time….

Member: I hear it is likely Wed. 11:00am to 2:00 things are going to release…

Member: So no more kicking the can?

MZ: I think we are in a slow grind over the next few days to a week or two until we cross the finish line.

Member are CBDC’s good or bad?  (central bank digital currencies”

MZ: If they are not  blockchain or QFS ….then they are bad…imo

MZ: “Russian Federation codifies Digital Ruble as the Official Currency” Investing .com calls it a “digital ruble” but it’s different than that. The BRICS nations want to go asset backed. Meaning you can trade it digitally but each coin is restricted by the blockchain. They can’t create more unless they add more gold …so it is digital but 100% backed by metals.

MZ: This is similar to what Iraq is supposed to do. Years ago many article about the I-dinar. This digital dinar would be 100% backed by commodities –predominantly gold…..They will still use some bills…but that currency would reflect the digital I-dinar. . This is what Russia has done. This is way more valuable than any fiat currency will be worth.

Member: Do you think BRICS is prep or a test for the QFS?

Member: We were told long ago that BRICS sole design was to force the adoption of a Global Currency Reset backed by commodities and assets.

Member:  saw this on telegram earlier, “latest estimated currency rates” headline. Iraqi dinar $6-$11, Vietnamese dong $3-$4, Indonesian rupiah $1.47, Venezuelan bolivar $4-$6.

Member: Hope its true!!

Member: Listened to Dave X22 said 2023 is going to be a year to remember pray so & it’s soon.

Member: I asked my teller if she was looking forward to the start of the new system. She rolled her eyes and said “Yes! Finally…it has taken so long…a lot of training.

Member: I dont never want to hear “close” and “soon” ever again!!! Lets go!!

Member: I’m so excited….. And I just can’t hide it….. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it !!! Yeah!!!!

Member: Guys this is the closest we’ve been so stay positive Guys!!

Member: The best is yet to come!!

Member: Thank you for your time and insight, Mark


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