Monday Evening News or the lack thereof with MarkZ 01/09/2023

Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Good wonderful evening everyone. The finish line is in sight.

Member: Hope everyone is having a great day.

Member: Hope we got some little bit of good news tonight!

MZ: We are still getting some positive chatter and excited groups. But we have not seen a massive amount of money movement.

MZ: One church group who had been giving me a lot of feedback …had been completing paperwork….they missed their deadline of Friday due to some members not doing what they were supposed to….they are worried they will be moving to the back of the que……they are in a mad dash because they were told to get it in immediately or go further back in line.

MZ: All I can tell you is it does seem to be well underway.

Member During the wee hours of the morning the Iraqi dinar came in at .00070 then changed back to .00068 early this morning. Can you say testing? YES!

MZ: We are seeing bouncing screens again . Lots of chatter but nothing solid yet. One of the “test subjects” today with an NDA told me his is “content” but its super quiet on all fronts.

MZ: Which means there hasn’t been meaningful movement with payouts or they have a very scary NDA and just not breaking it.

Member: When I sign an NDA…you can bet I will not say a single word to risk getting funds taken away….lips will be zipped.

Member: NDA is just saying like Sargaent Shultz on Hogans Heros…” I know nothing!”

Member: No news from any bond holders?

MZ: No….my bond holder contacts also will not pick up the phone today. I spoke with one contact from Panama. He has not been paid but told me there are rumors of others being paid. None of my European contacts have responded today which is kinda surprising. Normally they respond quickly. I am hopeing this means we are there.

Member: (From Dinar Guru) Guru Nader From The Mid East  Something is gonna happen this month.  We don’t know what it is but something is happening.  We cannot say more because I don’t like to say something if I’m not sure of it.  When I’m sure I’ll let you know.

MZ: That sounds pretty accurate.

MZ: There has been no bad news today. Just I have been hitting a lot of “stone walls” from paymasters and group leaders this afternoon…meaning my calls go straight to voice mail….…….they are in “radio silence” in the Reno area. I am really impressed because Reno used to be the weak link… it’s the strongest one.

MZ: I was also “stonewalled “from contacts in Miami. For those that don’t know Miami has also been turned into one of the main “redemption areas:

MZ: It’s unusual for so many to be so quiet…..I am hoping it’s a good sign.

Member: Listening to TNT today and heard them say from a high up source that it could be this week.

MZ:  Yup- I was told the window opened today on the 9th and it could happen any time before the 31st.

Member: We were warned about this years ago

MZ: This is exactly what we were warned about.

Member: I’m worried we are still months away.

MZ: I do not think we are months away….not at all.

Member: A Whale told me Jan 15 which is a 3 day bank closure because of MLK holiday

Member: I heard The star Link computer calculates the exact timing for the reset! No one knows the exact time!

Member: Frank26 is really excited tonight too…….be sure to listen.

MZ: Yes the chatter really is absolutely amazing. I was hoping for more…..something slid like money has moved.

Member: So I guess all the planes are somewhat done flying in and out of Reno?

Member: Today is supposed to be the deadline date for Tier 4 completion. Another rumor bites the dust.

Member: Q ?? What’s up with the IRS? They Gone Gone yet???

Member: I heard once the new treasury was in an Indian reservation.

Member: Anyone in this community listen to the X22 Reports? Today’s report 2967B was awesome.

Member: So much positive juju out in dinarland today! All the gurus having the same spin. Like they understand how close we really are but can’t go there because *timing. We are there IMO

Member: Breathe, relax, it’s coming!

Member: We now have the window of the 9th thru the 31st….praying that window is the last one we have to watch!!!

Member: May everyone sleep in peace tonight. And pray this is done soon.

Member: Have a good evening everyone… champagne is chilled !

Member: Good night everyone! See ya tomorrow, thank you Markz and mods!!

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