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MarkZ Wednesday Update- Some highlights by PDK-Not verbatim

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Mornin yall!! Yall see ALL FLIGHTS are down!!!!

Member: FAA grounded all Us flights this morning

Member: Military was showing over 2200 flights up could be why domestic flights were shut down. Also big solar flare just happened

Member: With the Airline shut down this morning, I thought it was showtime

Member: FAA tweet said flights are resuming gradually…..unusual day so far

Member: What happened to all the positive chatter from last week?

MZ: First we will talk about Iraq news then about all the rumors floating around dinar land.

MZ: “Budget will be submitted to the parliament at the beginning of the legislative term says PM advisor”  and “Regional Government Masrour Barzani and Al Sudani agree to resolve the budget files and the Oil and Gas Law

MZ: They have been meeting in efforts to finalize all the disagreements ….this is fantastic news. Now for even better news.

MZ: “Government movement to complete the requirements to Iraq’s ascension to the World Trade Organization” They have agreed to finish everything that needs to be done …this is a major effort for Iraq right now. What is one of the most important things they need in order to ascend to the WTO?

MZ: They need a real, actual, operational currency. So this is big guys.

Member: What happened to HCL being signed on this past Monday?

MZ: HCL (Hydro Carbon Law) has not been signed  yet…..They have agreed to the framework though. The HCL in a nutshell splits up the budget for different regions in Iraq. Especially the Kurdish region. These funds go for infrastructures, politicians, schools ect…..HCL is the profit sharing of oil revenues for the groups, tribes, regions and areas.

MZ: Other news is mostly quiet….Mr. C has not been paid yet….. people still moving in and out of position from one area to another. The rumbling and chatter is still there….we just do not know the timing……. As was explained to me they could go at any moment.

MZ:  The paymasters and groups , political and banking sources feel like things could move at any moment. They are not waiting for any one specific thing to be completed. Things are completed enough to pull the trigger now is what I am being told. Timing wise appears to be soon.

MZ: There is nothing we can do to affect it…..we just have to watch it play out.

Member: Sheila said on her podcast yesterday, that the other countries got tired of waiting on us so they’re G and N and gold backed and we’re the last to go…. the United States of America

Member: I don’t think they would make everyone sign an NDA if it wasn’t super close?

MZ: They wouldn’t……I agree with your thinking ….They would not be signing NDA’s if we were not closing in on the finish line.

Member: Hi Mark, Holly says that the F & P haven’t been paid yet. I thought that they got paid months ago??

Member: They were updated……not paid……is what Mark said.

Member:  (From Dinar Guru)  Guru Mnt Goat  Finally, we hear overtones and direct convictions of some of the real problems with the dinar and the currency policy in Iraq now in place. …We all need to settle down and relax. The reinstatement is coming and I certainly hope they can pull it off in this January 2023…

Member: Mark PPN said you undervalued the rates! So we will pleasantly surprised when it comes out!

MZ: Yes and I told you guys I was told I underestimated the rates. I did that on purposes ….I shared with you the lowest rates I consistently get. I would rather everyone be positively surprised than negatively surprised..

Member: Expect the lowest and hope for the highest

Member: Better to expect the worse, than to build false hopes!!

Member: Mike Penny said more than a year ago IRS disbanded

Member: it sounds like Congress abolishing the IRS is a way to tell the sleepers about incoming nesara

Member: Having no taxes should wake up the zombies

Member: Maybe those 87,000 can get a job with the Border Patrol…

Member: Nancy drew showed moving trucks in front of IRS the other day

MZ: The IRS is not gone yet guys…..

Member: Americans called the IRS with questions 173 million times in 2022, Collins wrote — but only 1 of 8 callers ever managed to get through to an IRS employee.

Member: Please explain the difference between the RV and Nesara. Are they the same? Can RV go before Nesara?

Member: Mark has answered that a million times. RV is short for RE-VALUATION of currencies…..a new rate ……RI is short for Re-Instatement of currencies… go back to a previous rate. Nesara /Gesara is a bunch of changes, returning to constitutional law including no income taxes, new flat or fair tax rate on purchases, new government elected, and much more… it …there are MANY videos and much information about Nesara on the internet.   Go to recaps and put in Nesara in the search bar……do some research.

Member: called my bank yesterday, and they said that they are Basel 4 compliant.

Member: Member: I called my bank USAA and asked if Basal 4 compliant and switching over to QFS. They said working on setting up to be completed January 31

MZ: That they acknowledged this is great!!!

Member:  I heard  banks have 5 years to comply with Basel IV?

MZ: This was yesterday……”On this day in history January 10th, 1776 Thomas Paine publishes “Common Sense” an explosive call to rebellion”  Many people think that the US Revolution would not have occurred without this publication. Everyone should read it.

MZ:  I am going to take the time to read this article…….This is probably one of the Greatest reads I have ever had. Most of you will appreciate what is written here…..

Mod:  THE TRUTH by BAD LANDS MEDIA === >>>>>

Member:  That is amazing article!

Member: That was a great read!! Thank you Mark for bring it to us.

Member: You guys have no idea how nice it is to be among people who know the things I do, and won’t look at me with scorn for it

Member:  Enough behind the scenes crap and let’s show the world what’s really going on. Enough with dripping of the faucet ….let’s turn this on fully

Member: The enormity of what is coming will shock the world.

Member: Enough with trying to wake people up slowly….rip off the bank aid….I feel like some folks were not meant to wake up in this lifetime

Member: Stay positive guys…….its really close…. Hope everyone has a beautiful blessed day



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The Truth-It Can’t Be Extinguished

Erik Carlson

There is a saying, ‘“the truth is like a lion. It doesn’t need to be protected; just let it loose and it will protect itself.”

This can’t be said for lies and disinformation; they need constant nurturing. It requires many resources and much effort to make the masses believe a lie, and to continue believing it. The truth is inextinguishable. You can fan the truth or fuel it and it will grow to be accepted by the majority, but you can’t extinguish it, no matter how hard you try, no matter the efforts involved.

The truth can be minimized. You can cut the fuel that feeds it, or remove the oxygen it needs to grow, but you can’t kill it. Billions and trillions of dollars can go towards minimizing the truth, but it will always survive, in many cases just barely, but it will always find a way to persist.

Whether one believes the truth or not, still it remains. If you or I deny the truth, it still remains the truth. We can’t change the truth. We can reject it, ignore it, minimize it, or keep others from finding it, but the truth cannot be altered in any way. If you can alter the truth, then it never really was the truth to begin with.

Your truth can’t be different from my truth. There is only one truth.

The truth isn’t an ice cream flavor. It isn’t the way many people view religions, as multiple pathways to get to the same endpoint. There exists “right” and varying degrees of wrong. Some lies are more wrong and some less wrong, but anything that is not 100% the truth is a lie, at the end of the day.

How do we come to the truth, or rather accept the truth, then?

Is it intelligence?

I think smarter people have an easier time finding the truth, but there are plenty of smart people who live their lives believing lies.

Read full post here: