Monday Evening News with MarkZ 01/16/2023

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Member: A Wonderfully Great Golden Evening MarkZ, Mods And To All The Great Wonderful Patriots In The Room

Member:  Good evening everyone. Hoping for good news tonight.

Member: To the higher ups that maybe listening to this podcast. I really think it’s time to release the RV. It’s too many people suffering and too many people that need help.

MZ: There is very little news out of Iraq, Other than the full expectations for them to vote on the budget.

MZ: I am being told from Iraqi contacts that they plan on reading the budget 3 times and vote on it in the month of January. I think this is a good sign for us….forcing the culmination and reset whether the world is ready or not. I am encouraged by that one.

Member: for a country whose citizens have been getting screwed over for decades, and SO CLOSE to relief, their gov’t & CBI sure drag their feet getting this done!

Member: Mark, Did your RV contacts work a full day today?  Are they working tomorrow?

MZ:  A couple of them were traveling back into place. There are some meetings this evening…they have hopes and expectations for a roll out for groups tomorrow.

MZ: When it comes to redemption areas/centers …my redemption folks only worked half way today. Some were in the office….some were not. They had meetings this morning and then disbursed  as today was a holiday.

MZ: As I mentioned before…folks in groups are expecting a lot to happen tomorrow. I think they are still premature…..but there has been fantastic chatter. I am not hearing anything negative…I’m just trying to keep us all grounded. Its been an encouraging day….nothing negative and nothing earthshattering either. I was really expecting a lot more today.

MZ: There are a couple late meetings in a key area tonight…..I hope to be getting updates later this evening. If it is good or earth shattering  I will send out a tweet. If not…..we will reconvene in the morning.

Member: Do you still think we are going in January?

MZ: Based on everything I am seeing I am fairly confident we will be going in January. My contacts may have egg on their faces by next week if we have not already gone by then. But, we are watching serious solid progress day in and day out…..

Member: My brother thinks I am out there for believing in Nesara…

MZ: One thing that has always been attributed to Nesara and resetting of currencies is debt forgiveness. Because they are going from a debt based system to commodity based. He will figure it out after the fact.

Member: I saw on nesara news that Iraq moved on a gold standard with Russia today?

Member: remember nesara and ebs and RV should happen all at about same time…..

Member:  There is just one reason we have not received the RV….IMO…. It’s the Banks not having converted to the new financial system.

Member:  I listened to Captain Kyle and he says we need a crash before we RV

Member: Bruce said this: Saturday or Sunday and a 100% chance to be notified Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Member: So what is the difference between a call center and a redemption center?

MZ: A call center is where we will call to set up our appointments. Redemption Centers is where we will actually go to exchange. I am told there are a handful of call centers but many, many redemptions centers.

Member: If there is a RC within 50 miles of most currency holders……there has to be thousands of redemption centers…imo

Member: Thanks for the updates Mark…..looking forward to great news tomorrow…..

Member: Sleep well everyone….really hope we wake up to RV day .


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