Weekend news with MarkZ 01/28/2023

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MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member:  Good Saturday morning all. The calm before the storm.

Member:  Praying for an awesome weekend!

Member: With all this talk about it happening by the end of the month how much of a let down it will be if it doesn’t happen

Member: If it doesn’t happen – we just continue riding this roller coaster until it does….I’m not quitting.

MZ:  At this point all eyes are on the crossover between the 31st and the 1st….and a whole new system. I think they are hiding it in the wide open public right now. We will keep up with the chatter between now and then and hopefully some deliveries of PP’s and settlements.


Member: hiding the system is plain site….and many wont believe it even when its totally visable…lol

MZ: The news is pretty quiet which is totally what we expected overnight. There are however, many more confirmations of what their target is.  Their goal is the crossover between the 31st and the 1st….Tuesday night into Wednesday. …..Could they be hiding right out in the open at this point….I think yes .

MZ: the chatter is still remaining overwhelming. I don’t go more than an hour without another paymaster or someone in groups giving me those targets right now. It’s exciting. And it is close.

MZ: We all need to try to stay calm during all of this. I feel pretty confident we are at the finish line.

MZ: Will I be crushed if we wake up on the first and not have it?  No….but I would be disappointed. But I do know it is very close.

MZ: Right now I am at 90% sure we will wake up to it on the first and whole different world. And I am expecting sme movement before then on settlemsnts (PP’s, CMKX, Garm Claims, bonds ect) because they need that for liquidity. .We are watching it closely and trying to stay grounded and calm….But, that is not easy.

Member: if we wake up on the first without it….maybe it was all done and they are waiting until we don’t expect it and bam…release it all.

Member: so is the dinar going to float?

MZ: At this point I am not expecting a float. Everything I am seeing right now points to a set, stabe, measured change in values.

Member: morning all debt clock still shows the dollar to gold is $0

Member: Thinking we are close to the crash watching dollar to gold and silver being “0”

Member: Charlie says the zeros mean something, but he wouldn’t say what!!

Member: I think the debt clock is like one of those tell us without telling us kind of things

Member:  Bix said don’t pay attention to the debt clock, that’s not the real one

Member: Dr. Kia Pruitt has a new video on YT that explains the debt clock and what is happening with it.

Member: Since the debt is from thin air funny money, no old debt or new debt, just poof , Gone

Member: Has the debt clock ever shown this before…What does it mean?

MZ: We don’t know what it means …it may mean absolutely nothing. It may be a coding or algorithm issue….but it is interesting.  And could be huge….it could be telling us things are moving behind the scenes???

Member: Let’s keep a close watch on these new numbers that come in to replace the old ones. You have heard me say this several times. “When gold is free, so are we.” from Goldilocks

Member: Last night I read that 4 times in the last 3 weeks it almost went but something happened to stop it. One time was within 10 minutes of it starting

Member: I really hope MarkZ explains when we get to the redemption center, then what? Meaning where do we put the funds? Who has control of the funds, what about the CBDC?

Member:  that’s easy. You can keep funds on qfs and transfer to bank whenever you want. We have control of funds unless you do something nefarious. CBDC is toast.

Member:  the redemption people will give you a debit card with the funds on it. They’ll be in the Quantum Financial System, which is safe from theft. You can move it, if you like.

Member: Just wondering if other banks other than Citibank will have the Chinese elders gifts?

Member: I would think it one has those…..others would too.

Member: Watch for the banks to get shaken out and see which are left standing and solvent…

Member:  They keep building Chase Bank branches here in the Richmond area. We didn’t have a single one until about a year or so ago. What up with that?

Member:  Simon just confirmed that they have been testing the rainbows in ATM’s (some came out more than one together) and a private person by mistake got some!

Member:  good morning everybody how can I find out which redemption center is close to me?

Member: My understanding of a redemption center is a vacant area inside a bank. Like vacant cubicles. I don’t know for sure.


Member: The best thing we can do when this all happens is stay quiet…..stay under any bad guys radar.

MZ: Yes….the best thing we can do is not tell a soul… not become a target. The world is going to turn upside down….

Member: MarkZ you are so much appreciated…thank you so much for all you do

Member: Mark and a huge thanks as always, for all you bring to this community

Member: Please God, bring this RV home….tooooooo many in need, & getting worse by the minute. WE have work to do here.

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