Tishwash:  just proof they can bring them out whenever they want

Giant screens in 5 districts in Baghdad to broadcast the opening ceremony and Gulf 25 matches

Today, Friday, the Municipality of Baghdad announced the installation of giant television screens in 5 main areas in the capital, Baghdad, to broadcast the opening ceremony and the Gulf 25 matches in Basra.

And the Municipality stated, in a statement received by (Baghdad Today), that “the Mayor of Baghdad, Ammar Musa Kazem, directed the installation of giant TV screens in Al-Mansour Mall, Al-Umma Park, Al-Wathiq Square, Abu Tayara Square in the Dora area, and Baghdad Park in Al-Bayaa, to broadcast the opening ceremony and the Gulf 25 matches in Basra.”

She added, “This initiative comes to support Iraq’s hosting of an important Arab Gulf sports event, and for the participation of the Iraqi public in their celebrations of the occasion, and to support the Iraqi national team and other Gulf teams hosted by Basra.”  link

CandyKisses:  An economist expects the price of a barrel of oil to reach $100 a barrel

Information / Baghdad..

The economist, Dr. Nasser Al-Kinani, suggested that the price of a barrel of oil would reach the threshold of $100 during the coming period, with the rise in tension between the East and West camps and the entry of Belarus on the front line in the Ukrainian crisis.

Al-Kinani told Al-Maalouma, “The government set the price of oil in the budget at $75, and this number means that Iraq exports 4 million and 650 thousand barrels of oil per day to achieve revenue for the budget.”

He added, “Iraq’s annual revenue is supposed to be 127 billion dollars if the price of a barrel of oil is set at 75 dollars, while the price of oil currently sold exceeds 80 dollars a barrel.”

And he indicated that “the coming months may witness a rise in the price of oil, reaching $100 a barrel, especially with Belarus entering the Russian-Ukrainian crisis and the heightened tension between the eastern and western militaries.”

He pointed out that “the UAE’s withdrawal from OPEC confirms its endeavor to sell oil at the price it finds suitable for itself, and to move away from OPEC’s determinants in oil prices.”


CandyKisses:  Iraq is heading to approve the largest budget in its history

Baghdad – Iraq Today:

MP Muhammad Al-Shammari said that the reason for the delay in approving the budget is the delay in sending the government to the House of Representatives, stressing that it will be the largest in the history of Iraq.

Al-Shammari said in a press interview, “The delay in approving the budget is the delay in sending the government of the budget to Parliament,” explaining that “members of the House of Representatives are determined to continue their work to approve the budget as soon as it arrives from the government.”

He added: “Their contracts were terminated by the Ministry of Interior and Defense and the National Security and Intelligence Service, in addition to the awakenings, their number reached about 107 thousand, and 78 thousand of them were returned and amounts were allocated to them within the Food Security Law of up to 300 billion enough for one year,” noting that “the next budget will be the largest in the history of Iraq and up to 200 trillion dinars, due to financial abundance and the high price of a barrel of oil, and I think that the budget will provide them with sufficient allocations.”


Al-Shammari pointed out that “regarding the military personnel in the Ministry of Interior who have certificates to transfer them to civilian staff, the issue of their transfer was within the law, and we submitted a request to the Minister of Interior to transfer them to civilian staff, and there is no information about their inclusion in the current budget.”

“As for the Ministry of Defense, they have a problem when they are transferred to civilians, some of them have been added to military service and some have not, and we have sent a letter to the concerned department and we have not received any answer so far,” he said.


Tishwash:  Bypassing US sanctions, Iraq plans to increase imports of Iranian gas

Iraqi officials confirmed the government’s determination to increase the import of Iranian gas, which is used to operate electric power stations in the country, in which processing hours have decreased, which heralds a new energy crisis.

Recently, the hours of supplying electric power have decreased in a number of the country’s governorates, including the capital, Baghdad, Diyala, and a number of southern governorates. Bad weather conditions, including winds and rain, affected some of them, and they were quickly dealt with, and the Ministry was keen to provide a complete exception for all hospitals, water drainage stations, and water projects.

In the wake of the significant decline in the supply of electricity in Diyala Governorate, a parliamentary delegation from the province met with the Iraqi Minister of Electricity in Baghdad, Ziyad Ali Fadel, and discussed with him the causes of the energy crisis in the province, and the lack of supply at a very high rate in recent weeks, which led to a great impact on the lives of the people. .

Representative Muhammad Qutayba al-Bayati said, “The meeting resulted in an agreement on several solutions, most notably increasing the quantities of gas imported from Iran in the coming period or increasing the import of electric energy from it (Iran) to fill the shortfall in electricity,” stressing that “the minister pledged to present solutions to Cabinet table at the next meeting in order to agree on it.

Al-Sudani chaired a meeting with ministry officials to discuss the file, and the meeting included the Minister of Electricity and a number of consultants and private sector investors in the electricity sector, to discuss the electricity file, and the most important strategic projects that the government intends to launch in cooperation with the private sector, to develop the electricity system and increase the efficiency of the electric power grid, in The field of production, transportation and distribution.

According to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Media Office, “Al-Sudani stressed that the government attaches great importance to the electricity file, and is determined to develop this sector, which is suffering despite huge government spending, and basic economic sectors such as industry, agriculture, investment, etc. have been affected because of this,” noting that “the government believes in The importance of the private sector and the successful partnership with it, and its ability to contribute to the growth of the Iraqi economy, in its various sectors, including electricity, and that the government has strategic plans to address this sector and advance its reality.

Iraq relies on Iranian gas to operate power plants, and the former Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Adel Karim, confirmed the need for Iranian gas for a period between 5 and 10 years.

Iraq faced major crises in providing electric power, due to the Iranian side’s failure to export the quantities of gas contracted with Iraq to operate its power stations, as the quantities of gas were cut off or the quantities exported to Iraq were reduced several times last summer, which embarrassed the Iraqi government to provide energy, and caused a wave of Demonstrations and popular anger in a number of provinces.  link

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