Tishwash:  World Bank: It is time to close the development gap in Iraq

The World Bank confirmed, on Wednesday, that the time has come to close the development gap in Iraq and create a society that addresses the problems and consequences of climate change, which may endanger social stability and prospects for economic development.

“The Iraqi government is more aware of the environmental problems that surround the country,” Salim Rouhana, the bank’s sustainable development program officer, said in a statement, stressing the need to take measures to close the development gap and create a society that is more responsive to the problems and consequences of climate change.

 Rouhana added, “Iraq has gone through exceptional circumstances during the last stage, but it has become more aware of the dangers of climate change, which are actually linked to the structural, structural and developmental problems of the economy.”

It is noteworthy that last November 2022, the Climate and Development Report for Iraq issued by the World Bank indicated that it would need investments worth about $233 billion by 2040 to be able to bridge priority development gaps and embark on a comprehensive green growth path.    link


CandyKisses:  The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government arrives in Baghdad at the head of a high government delegation

Baghdad / NINA /- The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, arrived today, Wednesday morning, at Baghdad Airport, at the head of a high-level government delegation.

The Prime Minister and the accompanying delegation will hold a series of meetings with the Presidents of the Republic, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, the Council of Ministers, Muhammad Shia’ al-Sudani, the House of Representatives, Muhammad al-Halbousi, and the Supreme Judicial Council, Faeq Zaidan./


CandyKisses:  Al-Safadi from Baghdad: We stress strengthening tripartite cooperation between Jordan, Egypt and Iraq

INA-  Baghdad

Jordanian Parliament Speaker Ahmed Al-Safadi stressed on Wednesday the significance of strengthening tripartite cooperation between Jordan, Egypt and Iraq, while expressing his country’s readiness to cooperate with Iraq to end terrorism.

Al-Safadi said in a speech from the Iraqi Parliament headquarters, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), “My colleagues and I feel proud of the success of the second Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership, which was held in Jordan a month ago at the invitation of King Abdullah II and in the presence of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, where the first Baghdad Conference was built on providing all possibilities to support the security and stability of Iraq and support it in its efforts to consolidate the constitution and law, strengthen governance and build institutions, capable of continuing progress and reconstruction, protecting the capabilities and meeting the aspirations of its people.”

He added, “As the final statement of the Baghdad conference came out, we emphasize the importance of building tripartite cooperation between Jordan, Egypt and Iraq and the economic projects that have been agreed upon, including electrical interconnection projects,” pointing out that “what is important in the results of the summits is to go to economic integration, strengthen brotherhood and friendship among the peoples of the region, and establish the spirit of goodwill and tolerance.”

He stressed that “Jordan, under the leadership of King Abdullah II, will remain with Iraq an aid and support for the comprehensive elimination of terrorism,” pointing out that “we want to work together in coordination and cooperation in the parliamentary field and promote the legislative role in supporting the efforts of our country and providing all joint cooperation.”

He stressed “the need to translate the brotherly relation into practical steps that reap the fruits of the two brotherly peoples, pointing out that “Iraq will rise and remain the support and aid to the nation, as it is glory, history and civilization.”


CandyKisses:  Al-Musawi calls on Al-Sudani to strengthen the relationship with China in preparation for an “economic revolution” in Iraq

Baghdad – Mawazine News

Zainab al-Moussawi, representative of the Sadiqun Bloc, praised, on Wednesday, what it called the “service revolution” and the opening of closed roads inside the Green Zone under the guidance of Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Suadni.

Al-Moussawi said, “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia’a al-Sudani is taking confident steps to restore what was destroyed during the previous government, and that the service effort that spread in all areas of the capital is nothing but a golden imprint that counts for him within a short time of his assumption of the prime minister.”

In a statement received by Mawazine News, Al-Musawi called on Al-Sudani to “strengthen the relationship with China in preparation for an expected economic revolution in Iraq.”

She added, “Chinese companies can implement road and railway projects and establish new international roads linking Iraq with neighboring countries, in addition to establishing major industrial cities in all governorates and providing vertical housing construction in order to bring them into Iraq to initiate new projects to solve the housing crisis, and that China is one of the first countries.” In solving the housing crisis through vertical construction.

Al-Moussawi concluded her statement by saying, “Chinese investment in Iraq in return for a small part of crude oil, which is estimated at 100,000 barrels per day, leads to the transformation of the Iraqi economy from rentierism to the path of great economies.”


Tishwash:  An economist offers a single solution to overcome the dollar crisis

Economic expert Diaa Mohsen confirmed, on Wednesday, that government measures and the Central Bank will not help in overcoming the crisis of the high dollar exchange rate, indicating that the only and best solution is to close the currency window in front of exchange offices.

Mohsen said, in a statement to Al-Maalouma, that “the merchants’ orientation to the parallel market to obtain dollars is the root of the problem in raising the exchange rate, despite their exemption from taxes.”

He added, “The recent measures of the government and the central bank, and the latter’s promise to solve the problem within weeks, did not and will not happen, in addition to forcing government institutions to deal in dinars is not new because all government institutions originally deal in Iraqi dinars and their accounts are based on the dinar, and the dollar is nothing but travel offices in the private sector, which are It does not constitute any significant importance compared to its daily dealings.

Mohsen explained, “The government and the central bank have one solution, which is to close the sale of the currency window in front of the exchange offices to force merchants to resort to opening their foreign trade credits with the Rafidain and Rasheed banks, and thus we will block the way for merchants to go to the parallel market that manipulates the exchange rate, especially since most merchants They fraudulently obtained dollars by opening their own exchange offices. link

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