Tishwash:  Venezuela proposes the establishment of an international energy bank

Venezuela proposed the establishment of an International Energy Development Bank to facilitate countries’ access to diversified energy resources amid the ongoing global energy crisis.

Vice President for the Economic Sector and Minister of Oil, Tarek El Aissami, put forward this proposal during the virtual “Voice of the Global South Summit” hosted by India, saying that such a bank “will benefit from and support energy diversification projects.”

“In the first phase of the proposal, people’s basic needs … in terms of access to affordable, safe and reliable energy sources must be met,” he stressed.
He added that the bank should work according to the principle of solidarity within the framework of South-South cooperation.

He welcomed more foreign investment in his oil-rich country, saying that “Venezuela is ready to produce, export and sign contracts and agreements with all energy companies in the world.” link

CandyKisses:  Gold prices rise significantly in the markets of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Region

Shafaq News / The prices of “foreign and Iraqi” gold rose in the local markets in the capital, Baghdad, and in the markets of Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region, significantly, today, Saturday, (January 14, 2023).

The correspondent of the agency Shafaq News, that gold prices in the wholesale markets on River Street in the capital Baghdad recorded this morning, the sale price per weight carat 21 of gold Gulf, Turkish and European 421 thousand dinars, and the purchase price 417 thousand dinars, while the selling prices for last Thursday 411 thousand dinars.

Our correspondent pointed out that the sale price of one 21-carat weight of Iraqi gold also rose at 391 thousand dinars, and the purchase price reached 387 thousand.

With regard to gold prices in goldsmiths’ shops, the sale price of 21-carat Gulf gold ranges between 420 thousand dinars and 430 thousand, while the selling price of Iraqi gold weight ranged between 390 thousand and 400 thousand dinars.

As for gold prices in Erbil, they have also witnessed a significant rise, as the sale price of 24-carat gold was 485 thousand dinars, and 22-carat sold 445 thousand dinars, and 21-carat recorded the sale of 430 thousand dinars, while 18-carat sold 365 thousand dinars.

It is equal to one weight of gold (five grams).


CandyKisses:  Parliament holds its session under the chairmanship of Al-Halbousi

Baghdad – Nas

On Saturday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives held its session under the chairmanship of Parliament Speaker Mohammed Al-Halbousi.

Swearing-in some Ladies and Gentlemen of the House of Representatives

– Mr. Kazem Attia Kazim

– Mr. Ghazwan Ali Mohammed

– Mr. Talib Al-Yasari

Earlier, the Council announced the agenda for today’s meeting.

The agenda, which was published by the media department of the Council and its affiliate “NAS”, (January 12, 2023), includes “the swearing in of some deputies, as well as voting on new deputies in the permanent parliamentary committees, in addition to a first reading of the draft law on communications and informatics, and the report and discussion of the second reading of the draft law on the fourth amendment to the industrial investment law for the private and mixed sectors.”

The table also included “the report of the fact-finding committee on the information contained in the Ministry of Environment’s book on the presence of carcinogenic chemical radiation in the dab fertilizer produced by the Southern Fertilizer Company, in addition to the report of the Health and Environment Committee participating in the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP27 on climate change.”


CandyKisses:  Legal: The decision to remove US forces is still binding

Information / Baghdad.

Legal Ahmed Shahid al-Shammari on Saturday criticized the legislative and executive authorities for not taking any position to remove foreign forces, noting that the previous House of Representatives’ decision is binding on the government.

Al-Shammari said in a statement to Al-Maalouma that “the Presidency of the House of Representatives shirked its responsibilities for not signing the decision to remove the US forces.”

He added that “unfortunately, we have not yet seen any serious position from the executive and legislative authorities on scheduling the foreign withdrawal from Iraq,” noting that “the government’s constitutional and legal procedures on the file of removing foreign forces from the country are still ink on paper.”

Al-Shammari stressed “the need to respect the parliament’s decision to evacuate US forces from Iraq as soon as possible,” noting that “the parliamentary decision asked the government to cancel the assistance provided by the international coalition to fight ISIS and file a complaint with the Security Council against Washington because of its violations of Iraq’s sovereignty.”  

Al-Shammari stressed, “The Parliament’s decision to expel foreign forces, led by the American forces, issued on January 5, 2020, was not published in the Official Gazette.”

And the head of the Parliamentary Rights Bloc, Saud Al-Saadi, confirmed in a previous interview with Al-Maalouma Agency that Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi did not sign the decision to expel the foreign forces.

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