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The President of Vietnam resigns from office

The President of Vietnam, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, submitted his resignation from his post, while the Central Committee of the ruling party approved his decision to suspend his work as a member of the political bureau of the party.

Phuoc was a major leader of the party and the state. He was trusted and entrusted with many important posts by the commission and the Politburo. As prime minister during the period 2016-2021, Phuk led and managed the efforts in combating the Covid 19 pandemic,” said a statement issued after a meeting of the commission.

He added, “However, the president was responsible for allowing a number of officials, including two deputy prime ministers and three ministers, to commit abuses that caused serious consequences. Two deputy prime ministers resigned from their posts, while two ministers and many other officials face criminal charges. Phuk decided to put up with it.” Responsibility, resignation from office and retirement from political work.

“In consideration of the Party’s regulations and his personal request, the Party Central Committee has agreed to allow Fuk to resign as State and Party Leader and as Chairman of the National Defense and Security Council from 2021-2026,” the commission announced

Fuk, 69, has been a member of the Party’s Central Committee, Politburo and National Assembly for multiple terms.

From 1997 to 2006, he was Chairman of the Quang Nam Provincial People’s Committee. He was appointed head of the government bureau in 2006 and deputy prime minister in 2011, before becoming prime minister five years later.

He was elected president in April 2021   link


Tishwash:  Confirmation of Completion of WTO Accession Requirements

The economist Bassem Jamil Antoine urged the need to complete the requirements for Iraq’s transformation into an authentic member of the World Trade Organization, and prior to its official accession, by working on fundamental economic reforms that would enable the country to compete commercially with imported goods, stressing the need to make a jump in the various sectors of production. , industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors, as well as the creation of a customs system capable of providing a full cover of protection for the local product.

The economic calls aimed at achieving a “trade balance” coincided with the Ministry of Commerce’s announcement of a plan to complete the requirements for joining the World Trade Organization, stressing that this year will witness the completion of technical files in terms of goods, services and intellectual property, in addition to holding official meetings at the organization’s headquarters in Geneva.

The WTO is an intergovernmental organization that “regulates and facilitates” international trade between nations. It officially began its operations on December 1, 1995 in accordance with the Marrakesh Agreement.

 It is the largest international economic organization in the world. According to Wikipedia, it includes 164 member states and represents what exceeds 98% of global trade and global commercial GDP, and works to facilitate global trade in goods, services, and intellectual property between participating countries by providing a framework for negotiating trade agreements that usually aim to reduce or eliminate tariffs, supply quotas, and other trade barriers.

In order to achieve the highest economic results for Iraq as a result of its accession to (WTO), Antoine believes during his interview with “Al-Sabah” that “Iraq cannot be isolated from the rest of the countries of the world, and it must establish economic and trade relations with various countries, but it must take into account the internal interests in That matter is above all,” stressing that “Iraq’s entry now into the World Trade Organization, and its transformation from an observer member to an authentic member, I do not see it as a step that could benefit the country.

Antoine attributed the necessity of “postponing” the accession process at the present time to a number of reasons, putting at the forefront of those reasons the decline of the various production sectors in Iraq, whether industry, agriculture or tourism, stressing that it is proceeding slowly and is not developing sufficiently, so the loss factors are among Joining will be present according to these economic measures.

The expert, Antoine, also drew attention to Iraq’s actual need for a solid customs system commensurate with the internal production sector, in order to provide protection and achieve balance, pointing out that the combined data show that the benefits of joining the global organization cannot achieve commercial or economic results that serve Iraq.

And I see the need for it to remain Iraq is an observer member to gain more experience as well as work to strengthen the productive sectors, especially industrial and agricultural, to be able to compete in the event of entry into the trade organization, otherwise the local production will not be able to compete and this will lead to an increase in unemployment and poverty due to the cessation of industrial and agricultural facilities that will not To be able to compete with the importer.

The Ministry of Commerce has detailed its plan to complete the requirements for Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization.

The media center in the ministry stated to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the committee concerned with Iraq’s accession to the World Trade Organization, headed by the Minister of Commerce and membership of representatives of ministries and agencies as well as representatives of the private sector, is working to complete the requirements for Iraq’s accession to the organization.”

He explained that “the ministry’s plan during the current year includes completing technical accession files in terms of goods, services and intellectual property, in addition to harmonizing legislation and laws with the agreements of the multilateral organization.”

He pointed out that “the plan includes holding official meetings in the organization in Geneva, and that there be high coordination with the member states that carry economic weight in the organization to mobilize support and speed up accession procedures and make Iraq an active member and partner in making economic decisions   link


Tishwash:  Al-Saadi: America imposed its authority on Iraqi funds

The specialist in economic affairs, Muhammad Attia Al-Saadi, considered the judiciary’s response to the banks’ lawsuit from dealing in dollars as irrefutable evidence of the US Federal Bank’s imposition of its authority over Iraqi funds.

Al-Saadi told Al-Maalouma, “The clarification issued by the judiciary confirms that the Federal Bank has the upper hand in the movement of the dollar in Iraq, and it can impose restrictions and prohibit dealing in dollars with any financial institution that places indicators on it.”

He added, “There is a surprising government silence for 19 years on a treaty concluded in 2004 at the time of an unconstitutional government,” noting that “the treaty allowed Washington to control Iraqi money and financial transfers based on the agendas of the US Treasury that imposes sanctions on whomever it wants and gives the green light.” whomever you want.”

Al-Saadi called for a review of those treaties and the liberation of the Iraqi economy from dependence on the American decision.

The agreement, revealed by the judiciary, had revealed the obligation of the Central Bank of Iraq to stop supplying dollar currency to any recipient, direct or indirect, upon receiving a written request from the US Federal Reserve Bank.   link


Tishwash:  Iraq and the Philippines are discussing activating the joint committee, the file of mutual visits, and raising trade exc

Iraq and the Philippines discussed activating the joint committee, raising trade exchange, and activating the file of mutual visits. A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the interim Chargé d’Affaires of Iraq in Manila, Minister Plenipotentiary Khaled Ibrahim Al-Shalal met with Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines Sarah Duterte, and discussed

with her the relations between the two friendly countries and ways to enhance them in all fields.

Iraqi-Filipino joint relations, raising trade exchange, activating the file of mutual visits between the two friendly countries, and encouraging the Filipino side to participate in events and exhibitions held by Iraq in order to enhance economic and investment cooperation.

For her part, Duterte expressed that her country supports Iraq and seeks to strengthen bilateral relations. She also congratulated the formation of the new government in Iraq.  ink

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