Tishwash:  A Russian move to mitigate the effects of the US dollar on the Iraqi markets

The leader in the coordination framework, Jabbar Odeh, said today, Thursday, that Russia is moving to contribute to mitigating the effects of the US dollar on the Iraqi markets .

Odeh said in a press interview, “The level of trade exchange between Baghdad and Moscow is related to multiple files, most notably grain, military equipment, and other files, and they vary from year to year, but they reach billions of dollars annually.”

He added, “Russia is an important supplier of grains in Iraq, in addition to military equipment,” stressing that “Moscow has officially approached Baghdad that it is possible to move to paying dues for trade exchange through the ruble or the Chinese yuan, in an important step that will lead to mitigating the effects of the US dollar crisis.” on the Iraqi market.

He pointed out that “Iraq’s payment of the value of Russian deals in rubles or Chinese yuan will greatly mitigate the effects of the dollar and give flexibility in the multiplicity of hard currencies available to avoid any vibrations in the economic market.”

He continued, “Paying Russia’s ruble dues means that the Iraqi dinar can enter the list of foreign currencies that can be dealt with by the Russian Central Bank, such as the Egyptian pound, and the possibility of transferring money to Iraqi students directly from their families and even merchants without any suffering.”   link


RVAlready:  The Dinar going early can improve our outcomes significantly. Ray has been talking about this for some time. Do the math for yourself on secondary purchase of IDR or VND.

Speedy:  Tony said yesterday, Dinar maybe going first at $3.22

Speedy:  Given the new information We have received, I still lean towards all the currencies going at the same time. Looks like We will see real soon. Very exciting.

CaliforniaSugar:  I saw a video yesterday of a guy describing his visit with a banker at Citibank. The banker mentioned Dinar, dong, and Zim. That part made me excited. But banker also mentioned Chinese Elders and tiers, so I’m also skeptical…..He had documents showing benefits to different tiers. Tiers are determined by the amount of money exchanged. Also, the document offering the benefits had a march deadline. Everything appears legitimate, but for the Chinese Elder comment made by the banker

Lady Dee:  CaliforniaSugar I saw that too. was confused about the gifts for the different packages from the Chinese Elders


Glajef:  Unless all of the dinar gurus and people in the “know” are getting there information from the same source, this is becoming quite exciting for the first time in over 15 years.


CandyKisses:  Washington surprised Baghdad with dollar restrictions. Dutch network talks about “deliberate” US targeting of Iraq

Baghdad Today – Translation

The Dutch FNAK Chronicles network confirmed on Friday that Iraq does not suffer from any actual financial crisis within its economy, which enjoys the highest growth rate in its history, reaching 9.2% during the past year, in addition to a large financial treasury of more than a hundred billion US dollars, revealing that the country is being “targeted.”

The network said during its report, which was translated by (Baghdad Today), that “the community, the World Bank, specialists and analysts did not expect at all what the situation of the Iraqi economy will be now, given the data of growth and development of the great witnessed last year, unlike the economies of the rest of the countries of the region, which were subjected to contraction or decline, where the Iraqi treasury revived and local markets developed until they were targeted by the United States.

She added that “the United States shocked everyone by imposing restrictions targeting the Iraqi economy in an attempt to apply the sanctions imposed on other countries through Iraq, the most important of which is Iran,” stressing that “given the large financial treasury, Iraq can meet its domestic need of the dollar for twenty months without any action or trade in the event that the current treasury is used in New York only, which the United States prevents,” as she put it.

According to the report, the network pointed to “the need for the government to take the necessary measures to prevent the continuation of the beneficiaries of the dollar trade outside the framework of its authority from manipulating prices, in addition to switching to the electronic banking system and reducing bureaucratic procedures to reduce the severity of the crisis, which it said caused a “reduction in the purchasing power of the citizen” significantly, calling for “urgent reform of the situation with the US government.”


Tishwash:  A parliamentary delegation meets with the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq to find out the reasons for the rise in dollar prices

A parliamentary delegation met with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, to follow up on the reasons for the rise in the US dollar, which negatively affected the reality of the country and the Iraqi citizen.

Deputy Rafiq al-Salihi, who was a member of the delegation, said in a statement that the governor of the Central Bank visited to discuss the reasons for the continuous decline in the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, which in turn was reflected in the economic situation of citizens and burdened them as a result of the high prices of basic materials and commodities in the local market.

Al-Salhi stressed that during the meeting, the need to take effective steps to combat money laundering and currency smuggling, and to take the necessary and effective means to solve the crisis, was discussed.

For his part, the governor confirmed that a new policy will be followed by the Central Bank and serious mechanisms will be put in place to get out of this impasse. Reconsidering financial policy and taking sound measures and decisions, which has recently negatively affected markets and basic food commodities, which has burdened the citizen.    link


Tishwash:  Iraq to sign new deal with Hanwha to revive “Bismaya” project

Plan for meeting with banks on payment

OPEC producer Iraq intends to sign a new agreement with Hanwha Company of South Korea to revive the stalled Bismaya City, the country’s largest housing project, an official was reported on Friday as saying.

Hanwha halted work on the 100,000-house city near the capital Baghdad more than two years ago after Iraq failed to pay outstanding dues to the firm.

The company, which has built nearly 30,000 houses, agreed to resume work on the project after negotiations with the National Investment Commission (NIC) this month produced an agreement on payment.

“We have prepared a roadmap for the resumption of the Bismaya project to that it will be completed as soon as possible,” NIC Chairman Haidar Makkia said.

“NIC has prepared an appendix to the main contract to be signed with the South Korean company with two or three months,” Makkia told Shafaq news agency.

He did not provide details on the new deal but said NIC would sponsor a series of meetings between Hanwha and local banks to reach a formula on funding.

Bismaya, with an estimated cost of more than $7 billion, is one of several residential cities planned by Iraq to resolve a post-war housing crisis.    link

Mot: …. One of the Many Delimas “”Wee Folks”” face today!! ~~

Mot: …. Be Aware!!! When Ur Kids are really Clever!! ~~